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The relationship between Guerrero, Ben and Ingte! – Costas Nikolakopoulos – Articles – Olympiakos

· For Ruben Semedo I told the radio. And I'll write tomorrow as well.

Only in connection with a conversation with Carpet on the show I would like to write two things.

· Why is it very interesting to remember that Olympiacos passed the Juventus League qualifier last year with its less-advertised hunter Guerrero, who sometimes beat three times in the first two matches with Lucerne and went through the qualifiers of the Champions League with his most famous hunters, Ben, who incidentally did the two goals in 3-1 at Partizan in Belgrade.

· Guerrero, who had been released from Leganes and had a EUR 500,000 contract, was the main center of Olympiacos in all four qualifying games, with Lucerne and Burnley. And Ben, who was free from Veroia and had a contract for 250,000 euros, was the main center of Olympiacos in all four qualified games, with Partizan and Rijeka.

· Even worse than for a season ago, with the center of the best (and more expensive) that has passed the team in recent years, ie Ingte, Olympiacos was eliminated by Berge Seva in the Champions League-qualified League and qualified with a thousand lives in the long term at Aruka in the Juventus League qualifiers.

· Ingege, a market of 5.5 million euros from Bromitz and had a one million euro contract, was the main center of Olympiakos and in four matches with Ber-Seva and Aruka. His offer was a goal in the 1

13th extension of the rematch with Portuguese and after giving the qualification earlier, with a goal in the 94s of the extension 35 years old when Chorey entered a change …

· No, do not misunderstand the paragraph. I do not want to say that Olympiacos must now go to qualifying with Plzen in the game of Guerrero, Durmerei, Caires or Soldano. I also do not justify Olympiacos, because he has not yet taken the lead.

· Single, I record a reality, reality and say that a very good center does not guarantee any qualification. And that you can find solutions where you don't expect them. Was just well prepared as a team, because Olympiacos was well prepared for the qualifiers over the past two years, unlike the summer of 2016.

· All of this, of course, does not mean that Olympiacos should not get as good a center as possible in time for the matches with Czech players. Firstly, because Plzen is better than any team that Olympiacos has played in three-year qualifiers and secondly, because his chance of winning is definitely more, if he is well prepared and he has a very good team.

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