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The parents of the unfortunate Evzon excited: Our pain became pain for all Greeks

Heartbreak broken by letters from the parents of 24-year-old Evzon, Spyros Thomas, who lost his life while serving in the presidency's chorus.

Specifically, Ezonas died on February 22 just before he went to the evening invitation, while the mystery remains the exact cause of death as it is researched by scientists.

His father, following his shocking statement, describes how he learned that his son left life, sent a letter to his wife, thank you publicly all

Ezon's unfortunate father, who had raised panhellenic feelings as he paraded with Evzones after The loss of their son, thanked the President of the Republic, as well as all the Greek in every corner of the world, as they know as the couples who characteristic that their pain was transformed into the pain of all Greeks.

They conclude by saying that all prayers for Spyros "soften and soothe our pain."

The whole letter is as follows:

"Know the whole world presence, surname and anonymous in spring unspecified pain to hear our son's sudden death, we felt like a son to all of us

We especially appreciate our honorable Metropolitan Patras, Chrysostom, who danced in the Exodus Sequence and for his constant genuine support, patriotic admonitions and love Also the sacred bishop of Kernitzis, Chrysostos and other sacred clergy for their participation in our heavy grief

The honor expressed in our SPIRIT by the PRESIDENT of the DEMOCRACY with the simultaneous representation of Deputy Prezerakos Gregorious Representative. RODOLFO, the officers, and especially Evzones, who were unable to hide their pain and feeling, even the Greek police, which in its presence greatly facilitated the ritual of Spyros

Our unbearable pain as a family, we felt pain for all friends of Spyros and all the Greeks without geographical boundaries.

Prayer for Spyro's good direction, softens and relieves our pain. In the hot and relentless desert of life we ​​have the courage of comfort. and took him near him, depriving himself of our family and keeping hope in us that Spyros would gain eternity without confronting the difficulties and unpredictability of modern life in the future. the certainty of our young. »

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