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The "New IRA" behind the murder of Laura McKri

The police in Northern Ireland grabbed a 57-year-old relative of the journalist's killing and activist L. McKri.

A 57-year-old woman arrested by the terrorist police in Northern Ireland in connection with the murder of journalist and activist Laura McKri during an armed attack on members of the paramilitary organization A new IRA, against police in a Catholic district of Derry

Along with a letter sent to The Irish Times, the organization takes responsibility for the murder of the journalist

Fear of returning to the past

The new IRA was created in 201

2 by organizations of Catholics who opposed the sacred peace agreement 1998, which ended the civil war in Northern Ireland claiming the lives of 4000 citizens

New IRA is the IRA (IRA) organization, a branch of the IRA (Provisional IRA), which under the agreement was resolved and handed over its arsenal. Despite the massive condemnation of the bloody events on the holy Thursday, Northern Ireland's political leadership is concerned about whether the re-emergence of the fanatic enemies of peace was a single event or a return to the extreme situations of the past

Many argue that Brexit's uncertainty about the region The future and the United Kingdom generally strengthen extreme nationalist elements aimed at destabilizing the political order, especially when Northern Ireland does not even have a government yet, two years after the dissolution of the two-sided cooperation between the Protestant Union (DUP) and its Fein.

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