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The "hot" event of Yavuz with the Navy in Kastelorizo ​​- SKAI (www.skai.gr)


Many people were awakened at dawn on Monday at the Ministry of the Interior and the General Staff


The Turkish drill engineer Yavouz after his trip to the Dodecanese and has gone through signs that did it. .. vulnerable to the shot that Turkey seemed to seek, Kastelorizos approached midnight on Monday.

The concern that existed in the Ministry of the Environment was whether the drilling machine would stand. There was no anxiety based on estimates, but information that there were such thoughts on the Turkish side.

The orders they had seen on our Fleet ships were to carefully follow Jabo's path and follow it until they were sure his path would lead to Antalya. At the same time, with channels previously used in other night crises, the message was sent that Greek warships had specific instructions for responding to a possible Turkish challenge were sent

The message had a result this time, but of course we are still at the beginning of a crisis like all seems to develop. There is also anxiety that it can develop rapidly because the economic cost of using the two exercises is very high for Turkey

Source: www.militaire.gr

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