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The hopes of the survivors are diminishing

Two days after the catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut, rescue teams are trying to find missing people in the wreck. At night it is almost impossible to find survivors under the walls of the building, as there is no longer electricity in the area while during the day supernatural efforts are also made by the surviving citizens, to find buried people who dig even with their own. happens.

There are already 135 dead, 5,000 injured while the number of missing is still unknown. At least 300,000 people in the area are homeless.

According to estimates so far, 70% of the explosion caused by the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was released at sea and the destruction on land is only 30%.

The first radius of the shock wave occurred 7 km from the explosion and has flattened everything. Nothing was left. Most claims concern the wider area that reaches up to 25 kilometers from the explosion. But there are many dead even within a radius of the “red” zone of 7 km where the greatest damage was done.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that the damage amounts to billions. dollar. Beirut has been declared an emergency for the next two weeks.

The strongest explosion after FP2

Christopher Busby, a British researcher specializing in radioactivity and a member of the EU Radioactivity Risk Committee, said the intensity of the explosion was the highest that humanity has seen since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

“In Hiroshima, the bomb is estimated to be 10 to 12 kilotons, which means that the ratio in Beirut is 1/4.” Some say that the bombs were in Japan 20 kilotons in Japan, but in any case the explosion in Beirut is the strongest after these two in Japan , “said Busby.

European support for Lebanon

European countries such as Italy, but also other major powers, send aid to medical supplies and rescue teams to the region, including Greece. A special team from the first EMAK (based in Elefsina) consisting of 12 people and a rescue dog, two vehicles and special equipment with a C-130 air force aircraft went to Lebanon.

In fact, Emanuel Macron will be in Beirut today with France sending rescue teams to help the city overcome this unpredictable damage.

The testimonies of the Greeks in Beirut are shocking

The Greek community mourns a Greek woman who lived in Lebanon just one kilometer from the site of the explosion. Her apartment was completely destroyed, as was the entire area around the harbor. In addition, 5 Greeks are among the injured in the area.

The testimonies of Anna Armaou, a Greek resident of Beirut who lost her eye in the deadly explosion, are shocking. “I was at home, I live on the fourth floor. There was nothing left, everything was destroyed. I went down the stairs with the blood.” I was taken to three hospitals and there was no place to sit, “the injured Greek woman described to SKAI. “The blood ran from my face and eyes, people ran like crazy in the street,” Armaou said.

“I talked to a friend of mine, I say there is an earthquake, she says you do not hear the explosion?” If you see that there are windows, glasses on the streets, no one is circulating, the ministry said we should not circulate, ” said Vasia Kontogiorgi, professor at the Lebanese Greek Language Center, to ERT.

“The explosion was indescribable.” I, who lived through a civil war for several years, have not seen or experienced such a situation, “said Father Augustinos. Speaking to SKAI, he emphasized that when he worked in the church, which is about 500 more 600 meters from the scene of the explosion, he heard something like a bomb or a plane crash and after 6 to 7 seconds, while the believers’ benches were thrown from the push wave and people started shouting loudly while they could not understand what was happening.

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