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The Facebook Secrets – It's Sure You Don't Know Them

For many, Messenger was an application that was necessarily retrieved when Facebook decided to deregister from the official site

Since then, Messenger has changed characters and adds more and more interesting features to those who use it.

Reached emoji on a video call: You probably know the little emoji you can add to your Facebook posts. Now some of them can be added to your face during the video call. Once you have started a video clip, you can find these and many other options at the bottom of the screen and add filters, masks and many other reactions

Check your … smart home: Although housing We are done every day and Smarter, with more and more devices connected on the Internet, a careful control of them all seems to be the perfect solution. Although many may be surprised, Facebook Messenger offers this feature. If you feel a little embarrassed to talk to … smart Netatmo thermostat, for example, just send the message via Messenger to Netatmo Smart Home Bot to tell him to set the house temperature
Secret conversation: About Having sensitive information that you want to share with someone, this feature is ideal. Not only can you send encrypted messages, but also set a certain amount of time, after which these messages are automatically deleted. When choosing a friend for that conversation, go to the settings and select a secret call. In the window you use you will see a type of clock that you can press. You can adjust it according to how long you want your message to be deleted.

Group games: Games are entertaining but will no doubt be more fun when you can play with your friends This is some good news for facebook messenger. To start a game, go to the Console icon at the bottom right and select the game you want to play. Depending on the game, you choose the friends you want to compete with. Things You Didn't Know About Facebook Messenger

Send Money to Your Friends and Family: While the feature is currently unavailable to Greece, residents of the United States and UK can send and receive money via Messenger. All they have to do is have a card attached to their account and some simple commands to send small amounts of money to their friends and family. Also, with Messenger's Artificial Intelligence system, there is also a chance to remind you of a financial transaction that you must do if you have talked about it with your online friends.

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