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The Academy of Athens honored the hero driver who rescued an invalid tourist

23/12/18 • 19:33 | UPD 23/12/18 • 19:37

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The above message sends the taxi driver and secretary of "Hermes" taxi club Nikos Theodorakopoulos to the Athenian ̵

1; Macedonian news agency, honored by the Academy of Athens because in September he saved a disabled tourist with choking [19659006] "When you can save a man, do it. Do not go into the process of thinking about it. Inside you feel better, you feel good, and it is very important. "

The above message, by talking to the Athenian Macedonian news agency, the taxi driver and the secretary of Hermes Taxi Association Nikos Theodorakopoulos, honored by the Academy of Athens, in September last year, rescuing a disabled tourist by drowning and sinking into Katakolo's port

As Nikos Theodorakopoulos talks about the self-sacrifice, "the greatest moral satisfaction It is in my children's , my wife, my parents' and my family's faces, especially in the children's faces, then yes g have become their hero. "

When asked what he thought when he saw the woman in the sea the answer came straight away:" You are not thinking about thinking and working with the feeling of human solidarity, that is, helping a fellow human being who is in danger of life. The only thing I thought before I baptized into the sea was to throw as much as I had in my clothes. "

Nikos Theodorakopoulos describes what happened on September 11 in Katakolo's port:

" That day I was with my car in the land zone of Catalunya port, in the area defined as a taxi rank. At the time we talked to colleagues we saw a large company that had gone from a cruise ship looking down on Catalonia's side and brought with it a woman who moved using a wheelchair for people with disabilities. Suddenly, without notice, the wheelchair – at the point where there is a slope to leave the water – began to go out to sea.

We thought that one of the lady's comrades would stop the wheelchair, but it didn't. It was never done, so the woman was in the sea. At that moment, I started running and throwing what I had in my pocket. I drowned in the sea and managed to catch the woman, who was very upset, afraid of her life. I then kept it on the water and walked slowly to the wall where we, with the help of my colleagues and members of the woman's wife, took her to the country. If for a minute I didn't know what could have happened, it's important that the woman got scared. "

As Nikos Theodorakopoulos says here was an important role in his attempt to save the woman what has been learned by her father who has worked as EKAB's rescuer, but also from his mother who has worked as a nurse

Finally, Nikos thank Theodorakopoulos through the RES-MPA administration of the Pyrgos Municipal Port Fund, honored for its action, but also for Marian a Latsis, is referred hot in practice to the victim during the recent recent naming of the port of Katakolon.

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