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Thailand: In the polls for the first time today after the coup in 2014

Thai voted today in its first parliamentary election after coup d'etat 2014, a test for generals who want to keep power.

Thailand has long been divided into groups that support families (the "red") and a conservative elite in line with the armed forces ("yellow") appearing as a guarantee of the monarch's stability and protection.
But the dividing lines are more uncertain in these

More than seven million new voters, between the ages of 18 and 25, are enrolled in the polls and new parties such as Future Forward can benefit from this new feature

Total ] 51 million voters today were called in the polls . Preliminary results are expected in the evening and the political leaders have retired to their general staff pending the results.
"We will monitor the announcement of the results and as soon as we see a trend we will talk about," says Abbiit Vedzajev, head of the Conservative Democrat

Yesterday, Saturday night, Thai King Maha Bagilarongor, whose public efforts are rare, asked "to support the court"
The king used the expressions used in 1

969 by his father, Budimpol Adulancier, who died in 2016.
The Armed Forces, General Aperat

The voters went for their part to a large number of temples, schools or public services to vote.

Participation is estimated to be 80% of the vote. 51.4 million Thai people participated in the election
In front of the election is the head of the military junta, Pranayt Chan-otsa, who tries to maintain power and remain a prime minister and a "democratic front" led by Pheu Thai, loyal to Taksin Sinawatra.

Thailand is controlled by the army from 2014 when the then armed forces disappeared their chosen government country, which was for Taks n. Former telex tycoon Thaksin was disturbed by the military in 2006 and is self-confused since 2008.
Not official results from the first parliamentary elections 2011 are not expected by the electoral commission in hours
New electoral rules limit the chance of an individual party winning just a comfortable parliamentary majority, according to observers, who fear that there might be a political "deadlock".
And great participation can allow

Pragasi Chan-otsa, the leader of the junta, has given him a comfortable advantage, since the Constitution, adopted in 2016, has given rise to opposition, empowering troops to appoint the 250 members of the Senate
Therefore, it is enough for Phalang Pracharat to win 126 seats out of 500 in the House of Representatives in order to maintain control of the country
The other political movements, at the forefront of which they are the largest opposition party, Pheu Thai, must for their part gain 376 places to be able to form a government. [19659010] (function (d, s, id) {
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