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Sweden: Valid royal crowns found in a landfill

The whole of the Swedish authorities considered the unusual discovery and confirm now: the relics of the royal family found in a garbage dump last week are genuine

The story of the theft of 18th century stones belonging to King Charles Han and his wife Kristina, but also a sphere – a symbol of royal power – from the cathedral in Sretinga, one hour from the capital had made the world round last summer

  Staden Strengna, (19659004) The hopes of finding gold, gemstones and pearls that had been decorated are blown up until a security guard found a garbage can on the car's roof no later than Tuesday (Photo: Wikipedia)

who spoke the word "bomb" in a suburb of Stockholm. When he opened it he stopped awake. The heirs were immediately sent to police and experts, who now confirmed that they are really the ones stolen from the cathedral.

The police have arrested three young people about the matter. A 22-year-old is trying to blend in the most cruel rape, while two others are being held, one of which is a founder. The 22-year-old admitted that he gave the perpetrators refugees, but denied any other involvement in the theft.

This is not the first time they steal jewels from the royal Swedish family. In 2013, unknown strangers stole a crown and a scepter that had been used in King John III's funeral from Västerås to eventually find two large junk bags on the edge of a highway after a telephone call unknown to the police

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