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Stamatiadi's killer in a spiral with 69 burglary!

"Around the whole of Greece there was a spiral of foreign villains who had committed 69 burglary in houses of 12 different prefectures from November 2017 to April 2018. Of the five members, four were imprisoned in Greek prisons – one for and the fifth is in prison in Belgium for the death by the entrepreneur Alexandros Stamatiadis !

40-year-old Elvis Gjergji was arrested in the central European country by Interpol, had been revealed to be one of those who had shot I Chill the 55-year-old entrepreneur during an invasion of his home in Kifissia at dawn on Monday, April 2, 2018. His involvement in the burglary's burglary before the Kifissia murder was revealed after many months of investigation by the security authorities of Katerini's Security revealed its impact.

As originally found in the survey, two of the coil members had broken a house in Pallini in January 201

8 and stole jewels and other items worth 100,000 euros, as well as a car with which they went to the villages of Pieria and engaged for a few hours another six house burglary with good money and jewelry. Then they, together with the other three accomplices, committed another 62 burglary in different areas, namely 16 in Fthiotida, 16 in Laconia, nine in Magnesia, nine in Aitoloakarnania, seven in Argolida and one in Arkadia, Viotia, Karditsa, Larissa and Fokida.

In any case, the perpetrators violated the doors or windows and seized mainly money, jewelry and electronics, whose total value was estimated at 328,700 euros while stealing two cars found, a shotgun and a service gun from the police station.

The cases formed for constitution and membership of a criminal organization to a degree of crime and clear theft against conspiracy and confrontation were handed over to the Prosecutor of Katerini's first instance. This includes two other aliens accused of suspecting a criminal and one accused of assisting in a criminal organization.

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