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Social dividend and Easter to 250 euros in millions of citizens – Who are the recipients – Newsbomb – News

According to Realnews the allowance may correspond to the payment of the average Easter bean or holiday pay and amount to 250 euros for officials and 200 euros for private pensioners and the public sector

The two ministries' staffs have taken paper and pencil and counted the cost of such a decision, which is a major political move in the face of election confrontations A senior government official points out Realnews that the grant is dependent on the country's capacity and says that even retrospective amounts have not yet been assessed irrevocably

"We are not planning our policies because they are forced by the courts," he says. Government officials say a total of 658 million euros, recently certified by the Treasury, with budget implementation figures, could be used in this direction.

It is still unclear how allocations will be made to some expenditure by the fact that in its latest report, the Commission raised suspicions of their possible use during the pre-election period, without taking into account the European this sum of that surplus. However, the issue concerns the partners and will therefore be discussed both in the Euro working group next Monday and in the Eurogroup on April 5, where Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos will be asked to get more information on the use of the line and which

A final decision has not yet taken, apart from being a political will, the necessary budget space is also sought to allow the amount to be paid without disrupting the state budget and without turbulence in relations with partners.

Nor has it been clarified whether the compensation will be of a permanent or temporary nature. After all, there is no cash available to recover even quicker bonuses

The cost of providing

From the treatment that has been done to return all gifts to public and private pensioners and to public officials requires about 2.5 EUR -2.8 billion. In particular, pensioners are required to:


1; for primary pensions up to EUR 1.5 billion

– for those receiving an additional pension of up to EUR 550 million

– for officials up to EUR 700 million

As the total remuneration entails excessive budgetary costs and since the decision of the Government will explain the constitutional or constitutional abolition of the benefit rather than the amount, the provision is expected to be granted the benefit form calculated from 650 million to 1 billion. uro. If the compensation is not in an extra form, a corresponding amount for its annual payment must be found, while the burden will be inherited by the government that will arise after the national election.

According to another version for calculating future costs If the final is permanent, the cost of pensioners can be "compensated" with the number of personal pensioners. The personal deviation has remained as a size and also calculated per pensioner, albeit with error, and will be reduced each time an increase is made to new pensioners after 2022. Compensation can be made for salaried employees through the simple payroll tax. In this case, public officials will not increase their profits on an annual basis.

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