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Seven jihadists in the hands of ELAS – Newsbeast

Not one, not two, but a total of seven jihadists have come to our country from Turkey and have fallen into its hands HELLAS for the past four years.

One of them, it turned out, was involved in terror incidents in Raqqa as well as in other areas in Syria and Iraq. In fact, he was one of the coaches of the Islamic State while participating in executions.

The jihadist was arrested in June 2019 in Kos when he appeared in a boat with refugees. His identity was betrayed at the reception and identification center, and especially when his passport was checked, because he seemed to have forged information.

Most of his identity information came out when his photo was identified in his database

Europol .

"There is a danger of a terrorist attack in Greece"
"There are thousands of people who come to Greece and are difficult to control because the number of police officers called to identify them is very small." "Angel Agrafiotis, a risk management consultant, tells Open TV.

" The danger of terrorist attack in Greece is real to me. "

by Thanasis Katerinopoulos, a former member of Antitrom ratikis adds that" our country is a transit country of jihadists. I think it is unlikely, it does not suit them, it does not serve them, to meet our country. "

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