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Russia: Oleg Sokolov admitted student murder – "That's why I killed her" – Newsbomb – News

The Russian historian Oleg Sokolov, suspected of killing the old student and graduating at St. Petersburg University Anastasia Yestchenko, today confessed her act to justice, explaining that [19] "

" In recent times, her reactions have been terrible for my children. As I mentioned, he started to get angry. Then we lost control. " Sokolov said.



A prominent historian also admitted shooting his 24-year-old gunman. ap

A prominent historian also acknowledged that he shot his 24-year-old lover four times with a small caliber rifle. At the same time, Sokolov rightly called the questionnaire to be arrested. "The investigator's request is fair. I agree with. I'm sorry. "

Sokolov, the TASS correspondent from the courtroom, cried three times in the courtroom. The first in front of the cameras and twice during the session, which resulted in his lawyer requesting a short break to meet his client.

St. Petersburg The Oktyabrsky court then ordered him to be detained by the Russian historian until January 8, 2020, according to reports from RES-EIA.

24-year-old corpses found

Diver pulls a package of members of 24-year-old student Anastasia Yestenko's body in the river in Kirovski district of St. Petersburg Sokolov sober

63-year-old Oleg Sokolov, professor of history at St. Petersburg University and Napoleon Specialist, was drunk by the Mika River who had a rifle in his backpack [19459034Heacknowledgedthathekilledthe24-year-oldstudentAnastasiaGetsenskowithwhomhesharedhislife

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