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razor comes November 13

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Foldable screen technology is one of the most important trends in the near future. Foldable phones based on such screens have been developed by manufacturers for some time. Companies like Samsung and Huawei have already put forward their proposals. However, there is a long delay in publishing as the units do not seem to be fully ready for marketing. On the other hand, Motorola seems ready to unveil its own foldable smartphone, Motorola RAZR 201

9 . , about an official event of which will take place on November 13 where we will see the long-awaited unit. To convince us … he released a small teaser showing the side of the previous RAZR V3 and the motto:

"An original unlike any other."

The Chinese company has been working on a new edition for a long time. of the ever-famous folding screen Motorola RAZR, which has not gone unnoticed worldwide by the media. The company's first collapsible smartphone has appeared in many versions. With a completely different design than we used to see, the only thing that wasn't known was when it would come out. However, it looks like we have the chance to see the new folding mobile phone on November 13! The Motorola RAZR 2019 will probably be available for purchase by users in 2020. The company has decided to invest in a completely different design compared to the folding phones that we have seen other companies make. A device that is likely to get a more affordable price and with medium to high-class technical features.

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