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Pensions: They will receive up to EUR 30,000 (see tables) – Newsbomb – News

retroactive is divided into "new" and "old":

New retroactive are those arising from increases in principal and subsidiary pensions with a payment date of October 4, 2019 after the last Council decision.

Old retroactively are those resulting from decisions taken by the CoR in June 2015 explaining unconstitutional cuts in the Second Memorandum (2012) to a sum of more than 1,000 pensions. and aids exceeding EUR 200

The six categories of pensioners who have received retroactive increases include:

State pensioners who are entitled to a contribution to a solidarity grant from 201

7 considered constitutional by [19] Court of Auditors45 [19] of all funds with a sum of pensions of more than EUR 1,000 which are retroactively entitled after June 2015 for 10 or more months after the cuts of the laws 4093 and 4051 were returned to the main pension.

fund virus with a pension of more than 200 euros with retroactive effect after June 2015 for 10 or 12 months after the cuts of laws 4051 and 4093.

Retroactive: See tables with amounts



Nato pensioners were entitled to a 7% pension benefit on retirement pension, which was considered constitutional by a court decision in 2019. The cost of return was measured at 60 million. EUR from the NATO administration, indicating an increased probability of settlement in the coming months. It is unclear if the reimbursements will apply to those who have appealed or all of them.

Retirees from all funds who have retired with 30 years of insurance and above and who are entitled to an increase in the main pension from 4 October 2019

Retirees who had an additional pension cut with Katrugalou's law in June 2016 and will now receive this reduction because it was considered constitutional in recently adopted CoE decisions.

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