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PAOK: The double hexamer is forbidden! – S. Giobanoglu

Against a group of limited opportunities, despite twice playing PAOK, playing with the same player, the same shape and the same philosophy in both matches with the Thessaloniki team, the view is not changing. Same thing, same changes … Vindy did exactly the same thing in two 90 minutes, he won in both of them …


PAOK's biggest failure and his coach is exactly that. He failed to find ways to rule against a team whose tactic, retaliation was already well aware of the defeat in Tumba

The devaluation of the motivation in the first match in Tumba was founded but can not be used for the second time. Nikolich prepared the team because they were intended to "beat" PAOK's weaknesses that eventually were both … unprepared

Serbia has taken care of defending its team carefully by blocking the ends of "Dichefalu" with the logic of some moment that Going out in a fast attack will steal the game and succeed. Lutsenko is still waiting to see his two wings overwhelmed by Windy's extreme defender and he will never see them …


In practice, it turns out that PAOK does not want or can not hold two watermelons in the same armpit. The difference in the Europa League seems to be treated as … luxury. Lutsencu uses the European games of "Bicheffer", once the dream of participating in the Champions League clubs as an opportunity for rotation, a chance to give breath as he did yesterday. As for Pelka, he may have suggested that his midfielder appear in the previous matches in order not to be well influenced by the subsequent qualifications. For Kania, the label remained on the bench, however, one and only: to rest and be healthy in the championship with Panetoliko. But with the power of the forces no one can expect any discrimination. PAOK lives, moves, breathes with the prospect of winning the championship. You say there is a rule saying you can not win the championship. Romanian also made it clear before the match with the winner: "We are mad at the championship."

The point is that the only one who can strategically decide that PAOK will choose an event and will be indifferent to Europe is Ivan Savvidis. And the image of the strong man of "Dichefalu", when he left the Groupama Arena, was not a man who did not expect any discrimination in Europe


Believing that PAOK has two equal lists is quite utopian. In addition, it is clear that there is even in this qualitative list that has created an imbalance in specific positions. Tosca is not Beirinia, Sachov is not Maurizio. Known and accepted … However, there are some questions that are unanswered, and with the beat with which one match succeeds the other, they take the time to respond. Who is the football player who likes Priykovic's alternative to games like yesterday, where the serbine is not the best? Is Kantouri ready to claim the position of the creative poet of Pelek?

Some of them, for example, if Kitsios can fill Mato's void, must be answered and very soon … On Sunday in the fight with him Panetolic where the Brazilian is punished. And the bad thing about PAOK is that he has to face this fight, actually with just one workout. Perhaps this is the only excuse for Razvan Loutsescu for the fact that PAOK is not yet showing its last year's face …

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