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Panagiotis Petrakis: The Confession of His Personal Life

In the newspaper “Well” he gave an interview Panagiotis Petrakis. The well-known actor made, among other things, a deep confession about his personal life.

Has “your fund” in your professional career “thrown” your personal life?

My personal life has never been my great burden. I never went well with my personal life, so I put a lot of effort into my work, from there I got a lot of satisfaction, confirmation, admiration, love, things that I did not get so generously in my personal life. Maybe I turned like an “injured child”

; and threw more emphasis on my professional life. Maybe I will continue to invest in it, everything else is left.

Did not find the man who activated things next to you?

No, my personalities gave me more disappointments and sadness … So no … I’m not closed, I have not rolled, but I do not expect much. But I have found peace and balance with myself, the joy of being able to be well alone. He wants to apply …

Can an artist only work by prioritizing his work?

Yes I agree…

Many artists have “dropped” from their personal, as they paid more attention to leaving their artistic course.

Yes, I know … Of course, an intense personal life, with loves, passion, nourishment for the artistic being, materials that you use later in roles. When you live like me, you have to create things more with your imagination. Everything has good and evil on the scales of life.

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