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Out of control fires in California: 50,000 people leave their homes

"We announce the removal of about 50,000 people," County Sheriff Marko Essex said during a press conference tomorrow local time.

"We want to start the evacuation process now," Essex added.

The Kincade Fire burns the wine-producing area of ​​County Somano, near San Francisco since Wednesday night.

More than 1,000 firefighters [19459] and a hundred fire trucks trying to brake fire.

As reported by AFP (AFP), the Flames are spread over 90,000 hectares of land and fire forces have managed to get under control only 5% of. It has already destroyed 49 buildings according to Cal Fire California Fire Service. in the Los Angeles Times, David King, a meteorologist at the Monterey office.

For his part, Governor Gavin Newsom visited the affected area and described to reporters that his acting looked like a "war zone."

Electricity company PG&E said] predicts power cuts to 850,000 households today, in 36 counties, as meteorologists predict "dry, warm weather with strong winds," a "climate event that could have been the most severe in California in decades "

According to the local population SMEs, this measure will affect about 2 million people.

Local authorities have not yet determined the cause of the fire, but the power company PG&E cited an incident on one of its lines near where Kincade Fire started, just seven minutes before the fire broke out, local media were broadcast. . Many residents did not even have time to bring their personal belongings.

"We thought the fire was 3 km away, but we didn't care about the wind. In fact, the fire was traveling at 20 mph, "68-year-old Dwight Monsoon told the Los Angeles Times.

Hundreds of miles south, on another front, The Tick fire had only been reduced by 10% yesterday evening, it expanded to nearly 16,000 acres, according to firefighters.

The fire, which occurred on Thursday afternoon, threatens nearly 10,000 buildings in this area, north of Los Angeles. 19659003] Authorities issue evacuation orders for tens of thousands of people and its county Los A gels set in emergency, allowing resources to be released.

" Temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius combined with low humidity and strong wind that can reach 100 kilometers per hour will create conditions that contribute to extreme fire behavior and rapid spread, "the weather service warned on Twitter.

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