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OPEC – Child Allowance A21: The electronic platform is closed – When will the fourth installment be paid – Newsbomb – News

The electronic platform “Child allowance, A21” was temporarily closed on Thursday 17 September at 00:01.

The Wednesday 30 September will pay OPEC in its fourth part child allowance for beneficiaries for 2020.

The allowance is calculated on the basis of the dependent children who have declared under A21 2020 and according to the latest tax return, while it is recommended that those interested have submitted the tax return this year on time.

Child support is one of the most important policy measures to support and strengthen the family.

It is granted by the first child and the total amount of Mrs.determined by the number of dependent children and the income category of the family.

The amount of compensation is to 70 or 42 or 28 euros for each child for the first and second child per month, depending on income and income 1

40 or 84 or 56 from the third and for each subsequent child, per month.

For granting child allowance You are required to submit an electronic application per year via the IDIKA or OPEC website on the special platform, by the taxpayer of the income tax return or his spouse with use of personal TAXISnet codes.

The platform “Child allowance, A21” resumed so that interested parties can submit applications or any changes. The platform was temporarily closed on July 17, as it happens before each new payment. Most has also been opened for the last to submit a declaration, as well as Child allowance is calculated on the basis of children who are entitled to maintenance according to A21 2020 and according to the latest declaration.

As OPEC emphasizes, The A21 application is submitted once a year from March each year until 15 January of the following year.

The recipient, in each change marital status or incorrect registration of other parts of it, must change the application within one month and only in the fields where there are changes.

At the same time, he reminds to all interested parties that the application must have been completed and approved in order for child allowance to be granted. Application which temporarily stored, is not considered to be submitted and is not taken into account.

Applicants can visit the link https://opeka.gr/oikogeneies/epidoma-paidiou/erotiseis-apantiseis/ and read them Frequently asked questions and relevant answers from the organization and directed to any clarifications about the child allowance.

OPEC reminds all concerned that in order to grant child benefit, shallif the application has been completed and approved. An application that has been saved temporarily is not considered to have been submitted and will not be considered.

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