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OAED Employment: Applications for 8 933 recruitment starts – Dikaiologitika News

As of the 18th and 19th months, applications for the OAED public utility services program will be launched, with the recruitment of 8,933 unemployed to 56 municipalities and 37 ministries for the Ministry of the Environment. According to the exclusive information from dikaiologitika.gr, the invitation is in ASEP and the application will be started

The action is directed to registered unemployed persons in the OAED registers while the new staff will sign an 8-month contract. Their salaries will be the newest


Action approvers are Greek citizens, citizens of the EU Member States, Northern Epirus, Greeks and Greek aliens coming from Constantinople and from the islands of Imvros and Tenedos. foreigners from Egypt without requiring a certificate of Greek nationality or the completion of one (1

) year from the acquisition, provided that their status as Greeks by sex and conscience has been proven by other means (Decree 3832/1958), to which they belong at least one of the following categories:

a) unemployed, registered in the OAED unemployed register, family members where no one is employed and their spouses are unemployed in the OAED unemployed register

(19659002) c) long-term unemployed, registered in the OAED unemployed register

d) unemployed university and technical candidates who are registered in the OAED work register, registered in the unemployment register OAED (19659002) e) Unemployed persons over the age of 29, registered in the OAED work register,

f) registered in OAED disabled persons and

g) unemployed


Recipients are classified into tables by sector and specialty base the following selection and ranking criteria:

(a) continuation of registered unemployment, up to a maximum b) The period of continuous registered unemployment of the unemployed in the above category, up to a maximum of sixty (60) months: one (1) per whole one month, doubled for unemployed single parents [month(60):one(1)molecularperfumemonth

(c) 50% or more invalidity benefit: fifteen points, 19659002 (d) as follows:

Individual 0-3,500 euros Thirty (30) points
Family 0-7000 euro
Family 7,0010-10,000 euro (19459004) Atomic 5,001-8,000 Euro Twenty (20) points
Family 10,001-16,000 Euros
Atomic 8,001 to 12,000 Euro Ten (10) points
Family 16,000-26,000 euro
Individually over 12,000 euros No
Family over 26,000

– 18 to 29 years Fifteen [-30to44yearsTwenty-five(25)molecules

] – 45 to 54 years Thirty-five (35) molecules [19659002] – 55 years and over Forty-five (45)

10) points for each minor child,

g) Parent of the protected person or protected child for persons with disabilities, minors and / or adults with an invalidity rate of 67 % or more: ten (10) points, regardless of the total number of children

j) beneficiaries who have not been placed in full or in the implementation of the "PROMOTION OF PUBLIC PROGRAMS PROGRAM" program during the 2014-2020 program period for the NSRF: 20 (20 ) points

k) Locality based on the residence of the recipient's permanent residence: twenty (20) molecules

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