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ND: The low tones of polls and smiles for … Euclid

Published: 22.02.2019 | 07:02

Newsit Newsroom

Regardless of whether Euklidis Tsakalotos said directly in his CNBC interview that the ND would win the election, Piraeus Street is pleased with the confession – as they see it – with the finance minister on the political dominance of the southwest. A political supremacy recorded in the polls but for which they do not at all celebrate the "blue" staff.

Tsakalotos interview and recognition by the finance minister of what Kyriakos Mitsotakis is asking for reduces the surplus targets in order not to crush the economy

As for polls, the reason for the low tones on behalf of the ND is obvious: they do not want Mitsotakis his co-workers come to independence for voters and managers, before the election campaign. However, they estimate that they are close to self-confidence and believe that the difference with SYRIZA will be high in the surveys, with the ND rate reaching 40% in the election. They also predict that Achilles heel for Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA will be Northern Greece because of the heavy shadow provided by the Prespa agreement

As for the time of the election, nothing has changed in their estimates Mr Mitsotakis and his associates. In particular, their prediction is that the elections are held in May, along with the elections to the European Parliament and the Autonomy, and they are preparing for this scenario. In any case, as the ND president himself said in a speech on Wednesday, even though the prime minister decides to exhaust the four-year period, the election on May 26 will be very important to the ND, as he should succeed for a reason for symbolism and impressions, a great victory against SYRIZA to shape the conditions for a corresponding achievement in October ̵

1; always after Tsipras decided to exhaust the four years and did not surprise before

by Emilios Perdikari

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