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Mystic was resolved: Therefore, zebra stripes in the body

It has always been a mystery, because the zebra during its development has got characteristic stretches in its body

Now, the researchers believe that they have a rather convincing explanation

To encounter the disturbing flies and other insects, so that they are not sitting on it to drink the blood or transmit dangerous diseases such as African trypanosomiasis or a sleeping disease caused by a parasite carrying infected Tse-tse flies

The Brethren and Americans researcher led by Tim Carrie, the University of California -Davis and Martin Hau, from Bristol University, who published the publication in the PLoS One, according to Reuters and the British Guardian and Telegraph, fled to an imaginative trick

Researchers have found that the prisoners are confused with the ribs to the extent that they landing smoothly on the "zebras" (the camouflaged horses) climbs on them ̵

1; when they do not completely avoid them.

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captured zebras and horses showed that insects land comfortably on monochrome horses, but they become confused as they approach successive strokes less than two meters, perhaps because they do not have good vision, which ultimately discourages them from sitting on the zebra

" Zebra, from an evolutionary point of view, has evolved into the world where the flies carry pretty obvious diseases, so there can be very big consequences of a flight sucking. Something that doesn't happen to domestic animals says Haou.

Other researchers have previously suggested that the dashes were developed to provide camouflage in zebra as protection against their predators to help regulate body temperature or for social reasons.

Zebras are "cousins" with horses and donkeys , and today there are three species in the world that flow in the savannahs of Africa. The patterns with their bands differ from zebra to zebra, so that two identical zebra are never found

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