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Muslim Shouting in India – Shock Videos!

The Indian police today killed 11 people for a Muslim's death, which they tortured, forcing him to call Hindu slogan for a new offensive against a minority member in India

The authorities also put two police officers on how they handled the Tobrez Ansaris camouflage which was videotaped and widely broadcast on social media in India

Shocks video with lynching – I wish their torturers

The pictures, who took place last week in the poor state of Jardad in eastern India, show it year-old man who cried and asked his torturers when they forced him to shout "Hail God Rama! a slogan commonly used by Hindu radicals.

Ansari was accused of the villagers for breaking up. They tied him up then to a pile and struck for 1

2 hours before the police first took him to jail and then took him to the hospital, where he went to his wounds

NOTE: Very hard picture r 19659007] Target minorities in India

"We have conquered 11 people. Two police officers were also beaten in place, as they did not inform their superiors of the case and tried to deal with it on their own level, "said Katharine S., police officer in Sarajela.

According to local newspapers, the victim's wife accused the classroom authorities of deliberately leading his husband to imprisonment instead of transporting him to the hospital despite the seriousness of his injuries

India rejected the conclusions of an official United States last week's report on the Freedom of Religion Treaty in the world, according to which nationalist Hindu Nadorda Monti's government allows for attacks against minorities [μουσουλμάνων, χριστιανών, της κάστας των νταλίτ (παρίες) κλπ] which is increasingly common in the last year in this country of 1.3 billion

The minister responsible for minority issues, Mukhtar Abbas Nakhwi, condemned this new case of linting and assured that the government would not allow "devastating forces" to block their will for economic growth

"People who are involved eradicated in circumstances (1967) Congress opposition party blamed the Indian people (BJP), which is in the government's government in a situation, has failed to make its duty to protect minorities in India, whose 80% is Hindu

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