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Mitsotakis at Arnautoglou for late night, tattoos and Tsipra | thetoc.gr

"In America, it is not intended as presidential candidate or acting president, not to go through a late evening event and I think it is very useful" noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Ant1 and the show "The 2night show" with Grigoris Arnautoglou [19659002] The President of New Democracy referred to previous elections and how different his life would be.

"I often thought about how different my life would be if some choices had been made differently. If I had lived in the United States to work, maybe, if I had taken any other work, maybe, but eventually I became 97, As soon as we were married to Madreva as soon as our first daughter was born Sophia, and we made the decision to return, because we wanted Sophia to grow up in Greece, then I returned with a much lower salary than I earned abroad, but for I thought that the country was moving in the right direction and because I wanted to start my professional career in Greece. We say how young people will turn from abroad, we say about brain flow. It is obviously important to reduce taxation, it is important to create job, but it is also important for young people who have left abroad to know that the country has a long-term perspective, a man who stood up and left, took his family, made his life, did not return sound So it's not just money, it's not just the job. There must be a general optimism over the country's course. "

With reference to young voters and especially toddlers, he said that" they can first vote and then go and take a bath, they can first go and swim and then vote, up to 7, the polls are open, but they must form their future. "

And he added:" And say something? I also listen to this criticism. To some extent it is justified because it was a general disappointment from politicians because they failed to deal with a huge crisis that caused too much pain in too many people. And I think it was also a double depreciation in relation to many lies that have been said. Because a politician can forgive that he failed to achieve what he wanted. What is unforgivable for me is the lack of courage and political sincerity. Tell what you think, not to fool the citizens and judge what you say and do. We had many examples, from all of us I would say the political sides, the politicians that stretched. Of course, I think that what we have experienced in the last four years has stopped to be able to use a more youthful phrase with lie and populism. And I think I have a great responsibility to help, to contribute ̵

1; not a job I can do for myself – to regain politics and its lost credibility. In the end, we must not forget that we all live together in this country and we will all move together or we will all go back together. "

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was asked about his son in relation to tattoos.

KIR. MITSOTAKIS: I ask him to do what you want. 21 will be done. For tattoos, I think I see many young children who have a lot of tattoos And that's definitely one way. What I just told him thinks well what to do, where to do and think about yourself in 30 years, because the tattoo doesn't come out if you want it or if you want it to Look out.

C. ARNAUTOGLOU: I understand, because your position is now difficult, but I will get you out of the difficult situation, because I mean it, you now represent a party voted by many young tattooed children. know and I also say that, because I also have a son who will tell me to make tattoos in a few years. I want to tell him that there is still – no connection between personality and kindness and how honest you are with one tattoo, I discuss int e it – some brains that can't follow up. I recently learned that a flight attendant cannot be tattooed. The airlines don't get you.

MITSOTAKIS: Yeah, it's a problem …

ARNAUTOGLOU: You're going to tell me wrong, I ask, but …

MITSOTAKIS: But it's a reality. If tattoos are seen, they are in places that are completely exposed, that is something the young children need to consider, as it can cause them a problem later.

C. ARNAUTOGLOU: Did you say son did what you want?

K. MITSOTAKIS: I advise him, if he wants to, to experiment at a point that doesn't multiply and then sees. Move on.

C. ARNAUTOGLOU: Reasonable. I think it is very good parenting advice. If you ever made a tattoo in your life, even later, would you make the family's faces?

MITSOTAKIS: I think I would do something with my children.

Speaking to Grigoris Arnautoglou, he referred to his father Konstantinos Mitsotakis and his politics

"My father never told me to handle politics, he never told me not to deal with politics. And I have to say that I For many years I did not want to participate in politics, even though I studied political science, I have always had an interest in the audience, I have had an interest in political theory, history, events, how social relations are formed, but when my father missed the election in & # 39; 93 I was pretty angry because I thought he had somehow made a great effort, I felt she was not right and I said it was not for me, so I have been working for many years in the private sector, Not to prepare to participate in politics, but to make a career in the private sector, so I do not think that in my case I was actually dealing with politics, sometimes living in Greece and seeing me constantly in discussions about how things should get better or can get better, I told myself, "See that you have a big advantage, you can objectively get into politics easily". I never hid that name is a recognized passport in the first election. Then it can cause many problems. But in the beginning it is an advantage. So I told myself, "Look at you, you can't tell others, you have to work first." And I have to say that even now when I try to convince people of the policy of managing the public – we have asked for many young people to be candidates for the new democracy and we may have to convince others later – the argument I use is that if you have the opportunity to participate and not participate, you have no right to criticize. This also told you about those who can or should or should not vote. And of course the same also applies to people who can make a difference and eventually choose different causes, which are fully respected, not to engage with the public. And one reason they are not involved is that they cannot resist the toxicity of the political confrontation, or they cannot face the prospect of seeing themselves, their family "hanging in clogs". As the truth is, in recent years we have avoided the usual political criticism and we have gone through another phase of toxicity. And it must be left. I wish to end this toxicity cycle on July 7. "

ND President asked if he could do business with him

ARNAUTOGLOU: You are two very young people. Now you come to me from question to question, I have another, but I will keep it Mr Tsipras, and here I would say if you were not a politician, if you could agree with him, if you were not a politician and you were at the university and did not divide your political ideologies, you could have a drink with him or you think he does not suit you as a company

MITSOTAKIS: It is a theoretical question that I cannot answer honestly because we are all products of our experience, I cannot see a person outside the framework who made him what he is today.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to the "moral advantage of the left." "If we had not gone through this process, from this denial of expectations, through this demystification of the alleged moral advantage, it is This candy that some, because they believe in a particular ideology, is more honest, better, smarter, more ignorant than others, the so-called moral advantage of the so-called left – would still hold. Because I do not believe that what ruled us was left, the demystification of all these, which I believe, is a dowry for the Greek society the next day. "

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