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Martin's and Olympiakos New Right Back – Football – Super League – Olympiacos

The season ends because there is only one game left to finish the championship and it is interesting to stand on some things that Olympiaco's coach thinks of the new season.

Christoforos Evangelatos

Why is it obvious that Pedro Martins is trying to do things in the latest games, with mind in the next season.

One of the 49-year-old technician's thoughts that cannot go unnoticed is to do with the right edge of the modern line of defense and Martin's test.

Portuguese used Androutsos as a back back in the game with Lamia and was not the first time.

It is no coincidence that the red-white coach chooses this player to play at the end of the defense.

For example, he could place Meria as a back, something he has done in other team games. However, Martins seems to want to find a new role in Androutsos as he discovers good details for the player.

During this season, everyone saw how important Martinis is to the aggressive development of his team from the edges with the participation of bac.

Both Omar and Kutris with Tsimika helped Olympiacos significantly in the striker's side of the game.

So Martins sees Androutsos, a quality instrument and wants to give him a new role in the harbor. To become a back, the young midfielder must work a lot, but Martin's thoughts are interesting because he just thinks that Androutsos can help him aggressively.

So maybe we have a new back back to Olympiaco's next season.

We remember that Georgatos became one of the best Greek football coaches with a long career in Inter, who played at the beginning of the middle level, with aggressive moves in his game.

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