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Letter from Konstantinos Angelopoulos to the workers of the steel company GREECE

Konstantinos P. Angelopoulos sent an open letter to the employees of Haliburgiki

Among other things, Mr. Angelopoulos informs all employees of the company but also all concerned about what has happened since July 2019.

"Despite the constant problems and obstacles that my children and Mr. Skindilias create, I constantly work with my partners to find a solution so you employees can get your fair and legal claims, "Mr. Ag.

Full letter from Mr. Angelopoulos

A few days ago I met my lawyers at the Bureau of the Hellenic Union who were informed of all questions. With today's letter I would like to inform all employees of the company and all concerned about what has happened since the beginning of July 201

9 until today. set aside huge sums of money for its development. Unfortunately, for objective reasons regarding the future of the steel industry in Greece and abroad, Steel's business has tragically declined, so today the company is kept alive by the huge contributions that I and my companies sometimes have to increase the company's share capital. that I feed a very lucrative company. Unfortunately, the creditor banks rejected the restructuring plan that had been submitted in 2018, thereby invalidating the company's ability to survive.
  • Unfortunately, the company management later refused to cooperate with the company for payment of compensation and payment of their allowances. oklirosi process and ischyrizeto that it never received the general meeting of such decisions for termination of employment contracts. At the same time, my children and the CEO of the company have Mr. Skindilias created enormous problems that resulted in complete disarray in the company's shareholding.
  • The following specifically occurs the following. The shareholders of Steel are as follows: (i) Solva Corporation with
  • 9.97% (ii) Establishment of Afrima with 11.91%, (iii) Eltrol Anstalt with 11.91%, (iv) Parula Shipping SA (a) ) Akron Corporation (vi) Konstantinos P. Angelopoulos with 1.51%, (vii) Panagiotis K. Angelopoulos with (viii) George K. Angelopoulos with 0.48% (ix) Sealand (X) Light blue shipping with 8.32% , (xi) Sky Ocean Shipping with 16.22%, (xii) Saphire Corporation with 0.03%.

    5th My children claim in the Athens and Piraeus courts that they control a significant portion of the share capital, while employees and third parties seem to have 0.48% each with the obvious intention of pointing me out to the only shareholder who is indifferent or incompetent and from the inside causes they give me problems so i can't make decisions. All this on the back of the employees. In particular:

    a. Light Blue Shipping controls 8.32% of the capital. Since November 2016, the shares in this company have been owned by 2/3 of my children and consequently my children control the corresponding shareholding in the company “Halivourgiki SA”, ie. 8.32%.

    b. Sky Ocean Shipping controls 16.22% of its capital and Sea lsland Shipping holds 8.93% of its capital. For these companies, my children claim in the courts that they are shareholders with 1/3 each, that is, they control the companies and consequently they control the respective shareholdings in the company "Steel Company". In these lawsuits, Skindilias, CEO of "Hellenic Burgess SA" testifies and testifies that the shares in Sky Ocean Shipping and Sea lsland Shipping are 2/3 of the shares. my children who so completely control this limited company which controls 25.15% of the share capital.

    C. The same applies to Saphire Corporation, which controls 0.03% of the share capital.

    Therefore, my children from the Haliburg share capital, with their claims in their own litigation and have expressly submitted to the courts that they control through these companies 33.50%.

    6. As I mentioned, the company's shareholders are (a) Parula Shipping, (b) Solva Corporation and (c) Akron Corporation. In these companies, my children have serious legal problems and as a result, these companies that control a total of 40.21% of the share capital have been disabled.

    7th Consequently, the following situation has arisen: I have complete and unrestricted control of the steel company's share capital 25.33% and the remaining percentage is either controlled by my children or deliberately creates obstacles for the other shareholder companies. Having my children present themselves as shareholders in Steel Company significantly impedes legal proceedings and, as a result, does not make the necessary decisions as shareholders at the same time as Skindilia's CEO presents all possible and unlikely partnerships.

    1. Despite the constant problems and obstacles that my children and Mr. Skindilia's meetings, I constantly work with my partners to find a solution that s employees to collect only and legitimate requirements. It is certain that if these barriers did not exist you would have been paid your legal compensation and any accruals you have made. Sea lsland Shipping shareholder funds to be made available immediately as a contribution to the increase in share capital to cover the accrued and significant part of the work increase, unfortunately I think my children and manager refuse

    In a few days after my meeting with the trade union office I asked the members to send me their salary statements so that I could get a complete picture of the company's obligations. So far I have not received the requested documents and my only information is to inform the CEO of the total amount of debt to employees without specification and detailed reporting. solve your problems with all means provided by law and bylaws

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