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Konstantinos Filis: Hamas “presses” Trump as well

The meeting with Hamas officials was a turning point for Erdogan. This election will cost him, the Americans are very annoyed. “When Turkey receives its leaders and is accused by Israel of giving 12 Hamas officials Turkish passports, it shows an organic link between Ankara and Hamas,”

; said Konstantinos Filis, executive director of the Institute of International Relations, via liberal.gr.

Some part of the international community, he says, is beginning to realize that Turkey is becoming a structural challenge to Western interests. “Some are beginning to understand that Turkey can become a problem for its own interests as well,” he said.

Interview with George Fintikakis

– What does Stoltenberg’s statement mean that a mechanism to prevent a hot episode is being prepared?

It is an insight from NATO that the situation between Greece and Turkey could lead to an undesirable development for the alliance.

Any kind of conflict between two partners in the North Atlantic Alliance and with possible involvement from others, such as France, will be a bad development for NATO’s interests. And a very good development for Russia.

In recent days, however, international reactions to Turkey have increased for many different reasons …

This is entirely logical because, with Erdogan’s movements, he does not seem to be interested in the effects of his actions not only on Greece but also on the entire regional subsystem of the eastern Mediterranean. Cat? expansion seems uninterested in the interests of other major players in and outside the region, such as the EU and the US.

Part of the international community sees Turkey as steadily evolving into a structural challenge with the hallmarks of a threat to the West itself and its interests. A country whose president invites people to the list of terrorist organizations, namely Hamas officials, a country that promotes religious intolerance and threatens everyone, no matter how important, the international community understands that it needs somewhere to put a brake.

If this does not happen – and this is also a success for Greece – it will gradually become clear to the Western world that Turkey can harm its own interests.

– The United States, however, seems very annoyed by the news of Erdogan’s meeting with Hamas officials.

Trump may have close ties to Erdogan, but he has closer ties to Netanyahu and the Jewish lobby. After all, his son-in-law, Kouchner, who moves the threads to some extent, is of Jewish descent and has common ties. Therefore, Trump’s ties with Israel and the Jewish lobby are superior to those with Erdogan. And many times, the Trump administration has made choices that supported Netanyahu.

Erdogan’s meeting with Hamas officials was therefore a twist. When Turkey receives Hamas officials and is today accused by Israel of giving Turkish Hamas officials 12 passports, this shows an organic link between Turkey and Hamas.

Anyway, Ankara is playing with the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the Israelis link to a possible organization or planning of terrorist acts against them. It’s getting thicker. Erdogan encounters an issue that he will lose. His choice to play with Hamas will cost him, as this is an issue to which the Israelis are very sensitive.

How does all of the above affect the US attitude to our national issues?

I want this to be clear. The United States does not defend Greek interests. Nor did Trump suddenly decide to call Erdogan on the phone to defend Greece against Turkey. He could have done it months ago. But what those around the American president realize and exercise is that if Turkey continues on the same path, sooner or later American interests will be undermined.

Trump’s second phone call to Mr. Mistotakis shows, if nothing else, that the American president, despite having a specific history of his attitude towards Erdogan, still wanted to inform the Greek side about what he had discussed with Turk. President. And of course he would hear something encouraging from Turkey and that’s why he wanted to share it with the Greek side. However, American intervention is not yet the catalyst, so it can change developments.

– Despite Trump’s intervention, couple? that Erdogan has received that there is irritation in Washington, the Turkish provocations continue;

Erdogan is so selfish and plays with so many questions about prestige and prestige that it would be unlikely that after a phone call, even if it comes from Trump, he would show that he bends over and starts to gather. He can not withdraw Navtex the day after Trump’s phone call when he sees from within and outside the public as the leader who despises everyone and does not understand under pressure.

It may issue a new Navtex after a few days and simply not implement it.

– So what are you planning for the next few days?

This is how things will probably turn out when Erdogan wants to show that he is the boss and the dialogue will not take place when others want him, but when he wants.

The hot episode therefore always remains an open scenario, but not the most likely. So since the situation is at the moment, the accident scenario is possible. That is, something that is analogous to the recent wiretapping of the two ships. It was an accident that did not turn into a hot episode.

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