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Kerameos: “At the table” masks and the rotating teaching in schools

There are only five weeks left for the schools, where the Ministry of Education is considering scenarios and does not even rule out the resumption of rotating teaching.

Speaking to ANT1 about the start of the school year, Education Minister Niki Kerameos reiterated that the opening is ready for September 7, but clarified that until then, the epidemiological data will be analyzed, “which change from one day to the next.” .

According to the Minister, as the epidemiological data are constantly changing, no decisions have yet been made on how the schools will be restarted as these decisions will be made on the basis of the latest epidemiological situation.

“Many scenarios have been discussed. It has been discussed that all children should be in the classroom, but with increased protective measures, possibly with masks, while there is a possibility to rotate the teaching. We are fully prepared for any of these scenarios, but we are waiting for the latest suggestions from the experts, regarding the best way to use the schools “, said characteristic. Κεραμέως.

“It is clear that there is a rise and the protection of public health is still our first concern,”

; he said, adding that “we must all learn to live in this new regularity.”

With regard to children in the first grade of primary school and whether they can follow the measures, the Minister of Education stated that “as previous experience has shown, young children can also adapt very well. The opening of primary schools and kindergartens in June, with the impressive adaptation to the measures, showed that even the small population groups listen very carefully to their teachers and follow the instructions to them.

She added that the measure of rotating teaching remains on the “table” and “allowed us to make hopes that otherwise would not have been made years ago in our country and gave the impetus to digitize processes faster.”

Regarding the September exam, Kerameos said and concluded that instructions have been given to the universities and there is the possibility of distance tests but also for life, depending on the circumstances.

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