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Ivan Savvidis embraced the media

In a movement of the entire Ethics management team, Dimera continued Ivan Savvidi last week to liquidate almost all the OPEN leadership team

in a small 24 hours the collaboration with CEO Johnny was suspended Kalimeris and program director Alkistis Maragoudakis, while a series of TV managers who collaborated with the two managers together gathered at the exit. The strange thing is not the changes – TV and all the other Lia that reminds us in recent years of quicksand and sudden changes have now become routine. If he surprises anything in the case of OPEN this is the nature of the mass of the purification, which seems to have a tendency to be fixed as an "Ivan method". Why do they all drive away

In Western terms, Ivan has his own "Sinatra doctrine": "I did it on my way". All outside the parade, when the boss concludes that the management has lost its goals. Rather, it is more appropriate to match the former Soviet Union's leadership when Joseph Stalin's patrulouli periodically eradicated massive liquidation. The Stalinist cleansing was then cleared with the enemy, most of his family, even distant relatives, friends and often entire communities. (1

9459004) Unexpectedly, of course, but Ivan's "reversals", more than Sinatra, reminded something of the Soviet Union at the time of Stalinist purification

In the current situation, it seems that the Russian businessman's investments in the media cannot be described as successful. "Ethnos" has not managed to escape the unfortunate traffic. As for his general intervention, he is less likely to claim the infamous title SYRIZA's most famous "line-up"

New Black Hole

Only Tsipra's updated support proves to be very expensive and long-lasting "hobby" for him. The group's annual damage amounts to EUR 8-10 million, and after the first wave of changes in February, it is said that after the election, the second round, which will be even more sweeping, will begin. The future of the daily "Ethos" is unpleasant, and the cuts will be widened everywhere.
At the same time, OPEN TV project comes in an even bigger black hole. In less than a year, according to market participants, more than 50 million euros have been dropped in the bucket – and all this to give a summary of the channel close to 6% -7%, which means that at least the former and more humble world of Philip Vryonis was captured

The number is relentless. The open administration has invested EUR 35-40 million for this year's program, additional operating costs amount to EUR 10-12 million, while the annual fee for a television license is EUR 3.5 million. Along with the initial investments in infrastructure and equipment in the old Elmatzioglou studios in Peania and the acquisition agreement from Vryonis, the annual expenditure exceeded 70 million, while net sales for the years 2018-19 with the gain reaches EUR 20 million.

Total loss, therefore, over 50 million for the first time that you do not promise and succeed. To this amount, if the 5 million spent for the purchase of Foti Bhopola's share in Teletypos in 2017 and 5 million for Pegasus were added, along with an additional 10 million that are said to have been needed to complete the two movements, Ivan's adventure over the past five years in the media has exceeded 70 million.

Of course, the open project fell with one of the worst television years when it comes to attracting advertising revenue. According to experts, the total annual turnover is expected to reach EUR 300 million. Net sales for all channels, after deduction for bonuses to advertising companies, reach EUR 240 million. ANT1 and ALPHA are expected to exceed 60 million, SKAI and STAR will fly close to 50 million and other parts of the commercial cake will be shared by OPEN and other smaller channels

The financial crisis TV therefore deepens. Therefore, all TV stations are expected to write down losses, which for the year will range from 10 to 20 million. However, all other channels that are more experienced in dealing with unfavorable economic development come in one way or another to deal with the difficulties. Next year is not difficult either, with a new player, VANGELIS MARINAKIS, who acquired the 6th television license.

Enigma is Dimera and the intentions of grandfather Ivan Savvides. Several of his friends claim that he never acquired a cultural master. Nor was he imprisoned or built a long-term perspective. The media has been led by close relationships with Maximus and SYRIZA's need to acquire their own legs in space. Little PAOK, a little problem with ThPA, fines for SEKAP, any case that needed a government boost to move forward led him to SMEs. But the feeling that "Ivan came to stay" in the media never bought the market. He did not even think of drawing a long-term plan behind himself and the Dimera leaders.

Perhaps for this reason, many suspect that sooner or later, Ivan will take a … media detox path. Major financial damage to OPEN and "Nation" can speed up decisions.
Unfortunately, this year's development in TV's economy not only opens OPEN, but all channels in a whirlpool. Movements, decisions, plans, everything is now on the table and the decisions are expected to be taken immediately, since the fall and winter are highlights of the milestones of all channels

OPEN BEYOND: The Time of Big Time [19659003] Ivan Savvidi's expectations were great from the first moment . From August 2017, when he bought EPSILON from his then owner, Philip Vryonis, until October 2018, when he started sending his new program as OPEN, the goal was one: the top. The funds were there. The contractor informed his channel's employees at a festive gathering that he invested 38 million in the production of entertainment and information programs. It was clear that what was absolutely the highest priority was to win the top and dominate the new OPEN in the top 3 private TV channels

Besides money, of course, it was faces. Last year, many people crowded out of their facilities in Peania for a meeting with Alkistis Maragoudakis, a virgin, whose phone simultaneously received dozens of calls and messages from interested people. The new venture was also appealing to the already successful presenters, who saw strong competition on their channels by their colleagues, but also for out-of-play which was keen to seize the opportunity at the new station. The messages, which for the first time were accompanied by photographs, fell asleep in journalists' email addresses. Evagelia Aravani, Catherine Kenourgou, Nikos Moutsinas, Katerina Zarifi, Sissy Christidou, Ioanna Lili, Despina Vandi and of course Elli Stai.

In addition, OPEN, which was named by the owner himself with the name until the last minute, was a business meeting for many journalists who worked a few years ago at MEGA. In addition, signatures were signed by key screenwriters and directors who then chose to throw the joints that came to cover most of the prime time. Although the channel had begun to make plans early, the premiere was hurried in the fall, disappointment and denying the expectation that the same or rather his leaders had created for the public. The technical problems were those who stole the show, while the early days of the series seemed to be more similar and small managed to imitate the success and mouth of the MEGA series. The biggest communication error was that, atypical, the two-channel leaders Alkistis Marangoudakis and Johnny Kalimeris wanted to create a new MEGA.

Other problems have arisen along the way, in addition to the low flights in the OPEN series, also faced the failure of an expensive program such as the Runway Project and the cancellation of the popular La Banda due to low attendance and revaluation of expectations. The only broadcasts discussed and achieved high scores were "For the Company" with Nikos Moutsinas, the informal dinner week with Faye Mavragani, the entertainment with Sissy Christidou and finally Katerina Kenourgou. Jokes released on the board were that the best and most productive production of the station was PAOK fiesta when it won the championship, a fact that is not far from reality

The clearing

Although it was whispered that Ivan Savvidis at any occasion would react to seeing that his investment did not follow the course he had described, the movements were lightning and the businessman a few days ago instructed his close followers to clear

The first to open the dance of departure was Johnny Kalimeris, who, despite discussing many opportunities quickly realized that it was pointless to insist on trying to find a common settlement point, so he agreed to leave. The experienced Jason Kalimeri's TV logic was far from what they asked him to do, but even though everyone knew it was time to plan the plans and programs, there was no other time. The next conflict was between Alkistis Maragoudakis and his top union, Ivan Savvides, who strongly agreed with everything he had given her, asked her indirectly but clearly to follow Kalimer's way to the exit. Says she will not return to the canal again when it finds its way down, she picked up her stuff last Sunday and with her divorce paper hand in hand she kept on other ports


CEO John T. Kalimeris and
Program Manager Alkistis Maragoudakis
was the first to see the exit door from OPEN

Athena Konstantinou and Nikos Kallis are the two people expected to be notified, according to information, the next 24 hours. They are two managers who belonged to Yannis Latsio's team and adopted a leading position in the ANT1 program in 2016. The station wishes to hand them over to the restart of the program, but it will move on to another track not only as content but also

Can Those who left or those who left during the year talk about impatience and lack of time credit, but even if the targets transferred to Ivan Savvidis were extended by a person he trusted, it was almost unnoticeable. In addition, you never begin to do anything strong for copying anything else or transcribing the faces that they have mastered under other circumstances and under other circumstances


From finger-emitted emissions
who discussed and achieved a high rating was "For the Company" with Nikos Moutsinas

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