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Istanbul: "Take off the scarf!" – Hammer in a polling station – Video

According to the pro-government media, a voter attacked by representatives of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), who called her "take off your scarf!"

Twitter has broken out on the video CHP and Erdem Imamoglu voters to claim that this has never happened and false accounts present the event to influence the outcome since the election process

Constantinople: Yildirem vs Imamoglu

More than 10 million voters voted for the election of mayor in Istanbul. 31,352 opinion polls were set up in 39 parts of the city for the repetition election after the March result was suspended.

In the election on March 31 Imahoglou won in Binali ] less than 13,000 votes, but the electoral commission canceled the result by quoting irregularities

Until the decision to interrupting the election, other appeals filed by were announced by the governor AKP had rejected by the Supreme Electoral Council. At the critical time, the AKP's request was accepted with votes 7 against 4.

by their by their goulenians and their supporters in the state apparatus's leadership, but also the participation in it by citizens who should have been removed from their politics because of their cooperation with Fethullah Gold's imam network.

The controversial cancellation of the result has brought international opposition actions and categories of resistance in Turkey to undermine the Republic.

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