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International traffic: Fully agree … 300 votes – "Turn" SYRIZA, KKE terms accepted | POLICY

It is now possible that the bill on foreigners' voting would not only gather a large majority but … an absolute one.

Inner Taki's Theodorikakos sent
parties after the debate there
had in the committee between the parties and n
who will meet again next
Monday 12th.

It appears that the Minister of the Interior has accepted KKE's requirement to set a specific age limit for those who are abroad (30 years) and have a Greek VAT number. So he points out that "we will do everything we can to get the International Meeting with 300 votes".

With the new government proposal, the vote (which KINAL requests and rejects KKE) will only apply to citizens who live far from these places, as long as they vote by letter.

As the Minister says in his letter, it is proposed that the number of members in the state increase from 1

2 to 15 so that people from the home country can participate as candidates.

Inner Mr. Theodoricakos:

  • Greeks abroad who are registered to vote are equivalent to the Greek citizen voting in our country, in accordance with the Constitution. Residents of foreign countries who have the right to vote vote for the party's territory vote they desire and their vote is counted for the total election result. They include those who have left Greece for up to 30 years and have an economic relationship with the country (Greek VAT or first degree relationship with a Greek taxpayer).
  • Voting is held at embassies and consulates and at places to be agreed. . Citizens who live far from these places can vote by letter if they wish.
  • Increase the number of state members to 15 to enable persons coming from as candidates of homogeneity, if the parties so wish. "


the government's goal from the beginning was
overwhelming majority too
the bill and so did Mr.
Mitsotakis like Mr. Theodorikakos
they seemed willing to do
retreats to most alone
red line the view to the vote
the foreigners are counted in the final

KKE agrees, because they are satisfied
the conditions he had set
Rope. Kutsuba to the Prime Minister,
as did the party spokesman at
intermittently, the majority so far
it reaches 205 votes.

But at
his announcement is SYRIZA, who
did not agree to count the vote
in the election results it seems
abandons his tough stance and
turn to the terms that
has created KKE and DAY 25.

stresses that he believes in the need to
the voice of the emigrated Greeks is heard
and have legislation on
for the first time in 40 years, transcribing
that he will search the following days
composition between sentences that
respect the democratic principle,
constitutional law and international law
experience. Call ends ND and KINAL "at
to the extent that they really want unity
and the adoption of a 300-member law, yes
move where they are
it is open to the possibility of deterioration
constituency. "


was the first and so far
the only party that has notified in its entirety,
detailed legislative proposal and associated
constitutional proposal
review so that it should be checked
completely the right of the Greeks to vote
abroad. This proposal respects
the democratic principle and take it into account
completely European and international experience

So far
has been put forward in the public debate
two different views: the first,
of ND to which it joined
KINAL overturns its fixed position,
does not take into account the EU at all
practices of high-dispersion countries, e.g.
Greece, to avoid corruption

The other
perception recognizes its right
foreign meeting, but regulate it nonetheless
under a representation system
in two ways: either separately
choices where they move themselves
select their representatives to
independent constituencies
(SYRIZA proposal) or by setting conditions
for the exercise of the right to vote
(proposals KKE and MPA25)

Since o
SYRIZA believes in the need to be heard
foreign Greeks and more
have legislation first
time after 40 years, will seek them
the following days the composition between
Proposals on democracy
principle, constitutional legality and
international experience. Only provided
utilize the current process
of the review of Article 54 thereof
Constitution so that all legislative
intervention in this direction so as not to
risk falling as constitutional.

We hope
finally, that both ND and KINAL,
insofar as they really want it
consensus and the law with 300 votes
MEPs will resign from office
leaving them open to opportunity
disruption of voters. why
in democracies are the voters
that which is entitled to change
the government and not the government
selector. "

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