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In a thriller, the debt package is converted


ESM chief Klaus Relinging yesterday's statement of about EUR 1 billion in debt this year has not yet secured two-way issues. On the one hand, he confirmed – once again – that there are outstanding problems in the 16 conditions that would expire in 2018 (in addition to the issue of the successor of the Katseli Law, which is the big front). And it became clear that time is over

On the other hand, he set the benefits of "debt relief" in connection with the pre-provisions for 2019 to nearly 1 billion. However, the provision ̵

1; officially established in the Eurogroup last June – is for two yearly relief packages of total value of about EUR 1.5 billion (EUR 200 million per year from maintaining the low rate of the second loan and EUR 640 million

Since it is determined that these decisions are made every other evaluation (that is, the 4th, 6, etc., up until 2022), it remains to be seen how this timetable is finally formed. If the ESM leader's headline had a "background" or simply was incorrect rounding (either up or down)

It should be noted that the third evaluation has already been defined (ie is not linked to debt packages) for June, which will be based on the conditions that expire by March 2019.

"The accident"

What is most important is that there is no accident in the political decision to be made in the Eurogroup on March 11.

The basic front is Katseli team One: A political goal on the Greek side is the final decisions made next week.

In order to make a positive decision on Greece, a solution must be found for the remaining open fronts 2018. The issue of Egnatia Street, lignite units of PPC and other interventions that remain in the middle. The final decision will also take into account the issue of reduced VAT on the Aegean Islands, retroactive claims through court rulings, minimum wages, wave of public recruitment and other outstanding issues

Yesterday, ESM manager Claus Regling said that "the profit yield – amount is not Negligible, together, is nearly EUR 1 billion this year – will be based on the results of the second enhanced monitoring report to be presented to the next Eurogroup. " He added that "the Eurogroup will see the report and it will decide." It is obvious that there are open problems at the moment, but Greece has a few weeks to work before the report is finished, we are in contact with the Greek authorities, the open questions have been identified and the authorities are working very hard, but I can not tell you today what will happen in the next Eurogroup. "

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