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"I don't hear Helen Rantou anymore"!

"Eleni is not a screenwriter and he does not know how to do it." I also listened to Yannis Besos and said "I don't want to remind me …" etc. He does it well and he doesn't want to! "

When Faye Scorda referred to Eleni Rantou's statement about the possibility of resuming" Constantine and Helen "with new episodes, that is a role that could not be done today, Harry broke Roman's something out and quoted the following:

" I Don't hear Helen! I don't hear more Helen! I love her too much but I don't hear it. We are professional scriptwriters and we would not have made the mistake of presenting people for 20 years without being subject to change not only in the picture but also in how they speak. An artist who knows how to do his job faces this challenge and thus comes out to make a squirrel. Eleni is not a screenwriter and she does not know how to do it. I also. I also heard that Giannis Besos said, "I don't want to, remind me …" and so on. He does it well and does not want us, we make Cafe with great pleasure and I consider it a new product that is on very good foundation. This is global.

I'm not saying I want to do all my lines. Let's say "Constantine and Helen" I wouldn't do it. They suggested it and we didn't even talk to Eleni. In this context, I am very close to his own point of view because this series had madness when we did, as if we were living a five-day excursion. It's as much as 20 years and I think it will be a repetitive food and the heroes are tired of having this kind of joy.

Eleni Rantou told us when we did "Constantine and Helen": "Thank you We will continue for the third year because we will stay in the story like the gossamer and the cataclys," even if they doubled the coffin again. And we stayed in history like garson and capuchin, and we didn't get it. So I don't hear it again. (1


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