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Here is the right to funeral expenses if an uninsured old man dies

In particular, to pay the funeral expenses, in the case of the death of an uninsured old person a relevant application is required – a responsible statement from the person carrying out the funeral. She states in the application that she has taken care of the funeral and that she does not have the right to receive the funeral expenses from any other domestic or foreign institution. The application is submitted by the applicant along with all the required supporting documents to the Department of the grant application for uninsured superioles by the Department of Social Solidarity. Benefits to the Central Office of the Insurance Benefit and Social Solidarity Organization (OPECA) or to the Department of Administration and Control of Welfare Benefits Interference by the Regional Directorates of OPECA or the Community Center. An application for responsible statement can also be submitted electronically. Applications submitted to the Community Center, which are responsible for verifying the applicant's identity, are considered to be personally submitted for the issue of the file to the OPECA competent authority.

Document for funeral expenses


. The supporting documents required to prove that the conditions for granting funeral expenses for deceased unwritten elderly persons to the claimants are as follows:

a) Extract of death certificate

(b) Evidence of retail transactions, office of office, original and paid, with the recipient's name and VAT number. If the costs of transporting the pile for burial / firing in another municipal unit or to and from abroad are not included in the above evidence in the burial office, a separate proof of retail transactions, service, original and paid is required. In cases where the proof of retail service and / or the receipt of retail transactions for the transportation of the height is marked as "on credit", receipts shall be attached.

c) In exceptional cases, that the services are not provided by a funeral contractor but by another person, not a trader, such as but not limited to, may occur on the islands of the islands, it is required:

i) Recipient's assurance that he have not taken part in the funeral ceremony. 1965900 7] (ii) Submission of all relevant proof of origin for the service or sale of goods relating to the burial and transport of the pile

d) Head of health certificate to be canceled by the competent service or, in the case of loss,

(e) Photocopy on the bank's first deposit note or ELTA, which shows the IBAN number and the recipient's information about the responsible statement is not sent to the centers (19659007) f) photocopy of identity card or passport or the recipient's homogeneous identity card, provided that the application for responsible declaration is not submitted to Community Centers or electronically

Funeral expenses and funeral service

] 2. In the event that a ceremony office is not used due to religious beliefs and cultural features during the funeral ceremony, the provisions of Ministerial Decree No. F15 / 8/4588 / 18-2-2016 (B 656 ) in the joint ministerial decision [19659007] 3. About an application for payment Of the funeral expenses submitted, without submitting all necessary supporting documents, the person concerned shall provide them within four months of receiving the relevant OPECA's relevant search document, otherwise they will not be paid.

4th If burial or burning takes place abroad, the cost must be paid if the submitted documents are legally translated.

5th Regarding the electronic submission of the relevant Responsible Declaration Request, the aforementioned supporting documents may be submitted electronically, except for the revenue of the fees for the retail fee retailing and proof of the individual costs of the recipient that must be initially submitted to OPECA's authorized services, either personally or by mail as evidence.

6th The competent authorities of OPECA carry out electronic checks and cross-checks on the information and information declared for their control in cooperation with other competent authorities, bodies and services. They also perform random checks in accordance with the terms and procedure of Article 10.3 of Law 3230/2004 (A 44)

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