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Good PAOK party, but what "discretion"? – Articles – Tassos Tsatalis – Articles – PAKO – A.E.K.

• There was no overpayment for the PAOK celebration at Toumba Stadium. It really was a beautiful party. Maybe the best analogy we've seen. And the conversation about how much he has cost is about no one, but the one who pays.

• I think there are some comments about Ivan Savvidi's own discretion as a presence during this celebration. I note this because I read a lot of such comments, even for "lessons" that Savidis gave to other factors.

• It is clear if the reference is the president who went first and took the cup for the prize, yes, Ivan Savvidis gave lessons of his own discretion. But this example is an extremely extreme exception.

• The owner of PAOK climbed the platform and took the cup. After the players, and the technical prize, but went up on the platform. It is not excessive, but it is not the best example of discretion.

• Then he made a proclamation addressed to "Athenians". E, you don't even say the dissonance is right.

• Finally, he boarded the coach from the beginning of the White Tower and was the one who looked ahead ̵

1; in front of and greeted the world. That is, if he wasn't "discreet" what would he have done?

• Watch the Volos Final. Dominant in the pictures with the cup inside the field, he was the owner of PAOK. They also lifted him up.

• Last year at Rizopoli, Vasilis Dimitriadis took the cup on his own and went to the officials to give it to Dimitris Melissanidis. It kept him a little, and he finally took pictures.

• Of course, the coach never went and told the truth if we saw Melissanidis in the coach, at least those who are closer to AEK and we have a more direct view of the people who do it, we would think they would rather … have lost it.

• When the coach went to the construction site for the new arena, he ate with a company at a nearby restaurant. When the team arrived they gave him the cup again, climbed a balcony with it, a few minutes, finally.

• Even in the final with Olympiacos, he entered the stage at the festivities. Neither in the first AEK celebration for the championship, with Levadiakos at OAKA.

• I note these, because we do not need to make dimensions that do not exist in events, which in themselves are just good. Ivan Savvidis did nothing but exaggeration, but his presence was discreet, he did not. This is especially true when what we have been thinking has been seen recently.

• And if we want to tell the truth, we say that Ivan Savvides gives an example of his counterparts in public behavior, in relation to his position in football, the path that I still think is long.

• Any excuses to look for, how much this case does not fit with his presence in football before and after the evening of March 11, 2018 are very typically overcome with so much ease.

• Ivan Savvidis entered the court because he eliminated a goal of his team, had a gun and attacked judges and rivals. He is under three years punishment of a ban on stating the reasons for this, while the case is also in civil courts.

• In view of the picture, he is the only owner I have seen in the field instead of protecting his men's security and trying to hold him back.

• The ease I see from some aspects to overcome this, a very serious event just a year ago, which had a direct impact on the team's happiness in last year's championship, is in some cases impressive.

• You can tell him a lot of bravado about what he has done to PAOK, what he has done for PAOK. But it is also not presented as an example of discretion because of its previous daylight at the party or as an example of other factors, when what happened last year

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