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Forthio – Open: Backstage from the "divorce"

In the morning on Friday, while everyone was waiting for a "quiet weekend", he blasted a "bomb". Menios Fousthiotis took a "divorce" from the newly created Open (formerly Epsilon).

This means that together with the presenter "fate of the show" is also ignored.

According to star.gr's report everyone involved in the weekend was informed about the development of the television broadcast by the television station

"We learned everything before"

Certainly, even though everyone was left … ahead of development (it was common property, like the same source, that judgments are expected at some point, but no one waited for this time to come … soon and so … the channel has already launched how to fills the gap behind Menios

Thus according to star.gr's report for the following weekend, both directly from "TV split" at 1

2:50 instead of TV audience Menios Fouthiotis, played again by Nikos Moutsinas [19659004] What about what's going on next weekends? Unknown at the moment, both for journalists and for the other staff members of the show, who do not know about this "divorce" will lead to their own removal or will be "absorbed" in others program / program on the channel.


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