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First B-52 bomber landing in Souda – The striking images

Impressive photos from the first strategic B-52 bomber that landed on Souda's NATO base were released on Friday by the base.

According to a related tweet from the base, the impressive bomber due to adverse weather conditions was to depart from its course and thus landed such an aircraft for landing in Chania for the first time.

According to the existing Greece – US Defense Agreement in Souda, the US Air Force Base, the Nato Naval Base used by the Sixth Fleet, the US – led naval base and the 115th Air Force [19465]. ]

Negotiations between Athens and Washington on new agreement on Athens between Greece and the US are close to the gates, National Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotou told Daily.

The US military presence in Souda, Alexandroupolis, Central Greece and UAV cooperation are some of the highlights of the agreement being discussed. Following the agreement, B-52s can become "permanent visitors" in our country.

Source: skai.gr

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