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Fire in the eye: Chrysa Spiliotis is dead

Actor Chryssa Spiliotis, missing since Monday, is among the dead of the tragedy in Mati. The actress Annetta Papathanasiou announced, through her account in Faebook, that the body of the unfortunate Chrysa Spiliotis was identified


Note that on the morning of Saturday, her husband's husband, Dimitris Tournavi, was identified

Their search had grown into a thriller. In her latest communication with her mother, Dimitris Tournabis, she had only been able to tell her "leave us, we leave." The hopes of the family were triggered by the location of the actor's dog, with his cage, near the sea.

Turnav's family's struggle to track a trail, an element that would give answers to what happened to their people, rocked the panhellenic. Brother of a former athlete who was looking for the couple at the very first moment, talked to SKA's camera about what he knew, while revealing how he found one of the actors dogs living near the ocean.

What happened in the air was never before seen.

Kostas Tournabitis believed that perhaps the famous actor and his brother fled to the sea to be rescued. climax? (19659004) An exciting video of Aliki Tournavi

With a fantastic message and a video on facebook, Aliki Tournavi She praised his father Dimitris, a few hours after it became known that he was identified as one of dozens death of the mortal fire in Mati

As the website irafina.gr mentioned in the video, a children's song is shown, while her father seems to play the piano [19659004] (19459018)

Tears and applause in Epidaurus

A prolonged applause reserved the Epidaurus audience on Friday night for Chrysa Spiliotis, who was still on the list of those missing from the devastating fires.

The director and artist leader of Athens – Epidaurus Festival, Vangelis Theodoropoulos dedicated "Thesmophorazous", played yesterday at Epidaurus Ancient Theater in Chrysa Spiliotis, as well as those who lost their lives in the fire.

At the end of the show, Theodoropoulos spoke warmly to the actor.

"Among all these burned people is a friend, colleague. A very sensitive woman. A psycho. Chrysa Spiliotis. The exhibition is dedicated to all these people, their relatives …" he said.

His words have led to a prolonged applause by the public

 27 7 2018 Epidaurus for Chryssa Spiliotis

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