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Eyes: Slow death from scattered asbestos in the area

At the zero point, the asbestos operation at Mati and Neo Voutzas, where residents complain about the commitments that the government has never followed, and that there was no new planning and timetable for this urgent rehabilitation issue according to New

reports from the holiday news, firefighters are now focusing on filing a trial for their exposure, while an outside protest has been issued by the Mati Association for progress to the Ministries of Infrastructure

The reality is that eight months after the deadly fire and two and a half weeks after the failure of the national tragedy in Mati struggled with the residents of the open asbestos year, which would have had to be closed as of December 30, 201

8 on the basis of the state agreement and four specialized companies.

It is also certain that new contracts do not yet exist (apparently no funds), so the continuous from the tats of those who survived the tragedy of 100 dead to permanently get rid of the slow "death" lurking in shattered homes, gardens and public spaces. [19659002] "The word despair is a bit to describe the climate in our region. We scream for asbestos from the very beginning and yet the process has ended. It rains, blows and we are worried. We leave asbestos heritage to our children," says Efi Bomboni, member of the Coordinating Committee for Residents (SECMA), in the News.

The timing of a rough to chaotic administration is borne by the chairman of the Mati Association of Adoption Associations and a member of SEKMA Tina Kollaros. "Asbestos and general environmental issues were recognized by the officials from the first the week of August 2018 when we saw the Prime Minister at the Maximos Mansion. The first visit by the Minister of Infrastructure Christos Spirti to Mati followed, followed by a press release issued by the relevant ministries which, in our opinion, provided general and incomplete instructions to the residents for asbestos. "As a consequence, according to her, since August this year, harsh people (due to delays or ignorance) began to remove themselves and fly asbestos-like materials like broken mole roofs in the garbage bins or in the fields: so an uncontrolled situation. The state, so they were gradually filled with asbestos fragments and common spaces. We recorded a memorandum on Alexis Tsipra's office and the Ministry of Infrastructure, we requested a special telephone line, but the one who called there heard the phrase "we know nothing, get the municipality." Finally, we started postpone information plates on their own. "

For months, according to the complaints, it is an inexhaustible debt complaint: The victims are directed to the municipality, declaring incompetent, without expertise and money and referring them to the ministry. the Ministry shows that the municipality declares it incompetent for public places. In early September, however, it was known that there was an agreement with four specialized companies to remove asbestos from the damaged homes at Mati: "In practice, we know that companies have succeeded in getting jobs at the end of October in the demolished houses."

As it turns out, the contract (budget 2,000,000 euros) fell on time, but also when it comes to calculations of where and how much asbestos is found in the affected settlements in eastern Attica. Initially, the presence of asbestos-containing material and waste was calculated in 600 buildings in Marathon and Rafina's municipalities and in Kineta in Megareon municipality

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