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Essex: & # 39; Truck of Death & # 39; traveled with two other trailers to the UK

As reported by the British television network Sky News, which cited testimony of the victims' families it was not only a truck that transported illegal immigrants to the country, but a total of three . ] It is estimated that more than one hundred immigrants were piled there, with the final destination Great Britain .

According to the same source, two of the trucks are believed to have succeeded. reaching their final destinations, but the third, which bore the corpse of 39a

The actual destinations of the other two container cars are also unknown so far.

A Catholic priest, reported that many of the victims are estimated to have come from various poor rural areas in Vietnam.

Father Anthony Dang Hu Nam a priest in Nguyen Province, said he knew from family members a hundred people traveled in these container cars to look for a "estate" of later life. "

" Some families have confirmed the deaths of their relatives who have been victims of this tragic journey, "Nam said.

First victims identified

At the same time, the father of one of the victims who died tragically in the Essex refrigerated truck: "My son was in this truck. All 39 have died and must be one of them. It's gone. There is nothing of him. He died. "

Among the victims are believed to have been Anna Bui Thi Nung from the Vietnamese province of Nguyen An

20-year-old father Nguyen Nguyen that his son was among the victims. been able to contact him since the young man told him he would be traveling with a group from Paris to the UK.

"I can't breathe … Unfortunately"

The testimony of a 26-year-old Vietnamese who was also among the victims. She had sent a message to her parents saying, " I can't breathe … Unfortunately ."

In a statement to CNNi, her father, Fam Van Thin, said: "People said this was a … safe way that many could travel either by plane or by car. If I knew she would be in this the situation I would not have let her down. "

Four arrests

Four arrests have been made so far . Yesterday, Friday, he was arrested as a suspect at Stansted Airport, a 48-year-old from Northern Ireland, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit trafficking and murder.

Police also arrested a couple [1945] of their involvement in the case. They are a 38-year-old man and an equal woman from Cheshire, considered to be the last known owners of the "death car". Police attacked his home on Friday.

Truck driver Mo Robinson is in custody for the first time, but police are investigating the possibility that the 25-year-old may not be involved

Investigations into the case in the UK, Belgium, Ireland and China are in full swing .

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