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ERGOSE President Chronis Akritides – The New Administration in Detail | GREECE

The new management of ERGOSE SA took over the tasks.

The new board of ERGOSE is formed as follows: CEO: Christos Vince, civil engineer and environmental engineer. Members: Athanasios Tatsis, Lawyer, Ioannis Kanellopoulos, Agronomist Surveying Engineer, Ioannis Roukas, Economist, Christos Palios, Civil Engineer. Recently, he was active in the private sector as head of a Greek design company. He is married and has two daughters.

During his long career, he was involved as a project manager in a number of studies of highway projects in Greece (Ionia Odos, Egnatia Odos, specialized traffic consultant, freight consultant, etc.). in Cyprus (Limassol-Saita highway). He also hired a design coordinator for the reconstruction of the center on Rethink Athens Street.

He served as Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Athens [Δημαρχίες Ντ. Μπακογιάννη (Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες 2004) και Ν. Κακλαμάνη] and coordinator of all non-public buildings. During his tenure, he has managed a variety of municipal projects and gained considerable experience in organizing and monitoring NSRF programs and co-financed projects from the third CSF.

He has served as First Vice-President and Secretary-General of the Greek Technical Department, Chairman of the Greek Technical Chamber. ̵

1; Survey Engineer and Chairman of the YMU Committee on Urban Mobility (2007) with the main responsibility for drawing up the national position on the EU's "Formation of New Urban Mobility Education". .E

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