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Erdogan “oil sector” in Macron: There is no point in supporting Greece and Cyprus

French President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkish counterpart, Emanuel Macron, praised the “olive branch” and proposed setting up a consultative mechanism between the two countries, while accusing him of supporting Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.

They escalate the intensity

According to a statement from the Turkish Presidency, “in the communication, which took place at the request of Emanuel Macron, Turkey’s relations with France, Euro – Turkish relations and in particular the Eastern Mediterranean were discussed”.

The Turkish president said he expects France to act in accordance with common sense and take a constructive stance.

“It is beneficial for the ongoing consultation and communication mechanisms between Turkey and France,”

; he said.

Erdogan added that it is important that the solution to regional problems emerges from the EU leaders’ meeting, a strategy that encourages dialogue and cooperation with Turkey.

The Turkish president claimed that the cause of the tensions in the eastern Mediterranean was disregarding the legal rights of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in the region, stressing to Emanuel Macron that it did not make sense to support the maximalist demands and steps of Greece and Cyprus. the intensity escalates.

Dialogue and cooperation

The Turkish President reiterated that Turkey does not envy anyone’s rights and does not allow its own to be violated, arguing that it has always been to solve problems through dialogue and cooperation.

He also said that in order to reduce tensions, the opportunity for diplomacy should be seized and sustainable negotiation procedures should be implemented.

“All problems can be discussed at the table and solved,” he said.

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