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Eleni Menegaki: At 51, she has body defects and she shows them to us!

Eleni Menegaki at the age of 51 has shortcomings and does not hesitate to show them to us!

The presenter has a minimal stomach and cellulite but never puts filters or retouched photos she posts on her personal Instagram account!

Eleni Menegaki, after four births, which she has revealed through her show, pays more attention to her diet! Once she has gained two to three kilos, she cuts the pasta, which she loves and they fry, and throws it in the salads and within a few days she returns to her kilos. But the presenter has some shortcomings and of course she has talked about them and shown them!

At one point, due to some bitter comments on Instagram, he had told her through the show “Eleni”: to change them but only to brighten up the photos and there were some who wrote “slowly not be so! I say where is your navel … you cut everything and I answered … »!

And of course, like many women, Eleni has cellulite and has said it many times! The presenter has said: “My boots are small, but they have their problems”!

Another time through her show, Eleni Menegaki had said, “I love french fries … I do not know how many I have eaten. I have eaten so many french fries, I do not know that I have to worry? I ate it now, it’s over and I continue to eat it … Not only will I eat but I will also drink my cigar, that is, if it is to get cellulite, to take it full and celebrate it … »!

Eleni has flaws and has shown them to us on instagram, because she publishes pictures without filters and retouches and always shows her true self!

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