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Do not let them be created in the Aegean – Newsbeast

Turkish response to what said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his interview, came from the country's energy minister Fatih Donmez

"We have no expectations of somebody's sources. We do not want to disturb our own work, our We will continue to work in our own regions, let them work alone. Turkey We will continue to work in our own regions. and "Turkish Northern Cyprus" will defend their rights to the end. We consider it inappropriate to take action that violates our citizens' rights in Cyprus, "he said.

Then the Turkish Minister at the Turkish TV station NTV referred to the development of the drilling machine and the market's work and others

"We only talked with our boss a while ago. So far we have reached a depth of 3 thousand 585 meters and Our goal is to reach 5,000 500. I wish we could find oil or gas reserves there. It is not an area where we deposit weapons. We will insist until the end. Before we find, we continue the research, "he added. to the second floating drill market "we will see it in Turkish territorial waters to be tested. We will continue drilling in the Black Sea. Its technical characteristics are the same as in the Conqueror. He can do two exercises a year."


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