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Dimitris Kolovetsios (wrongly) surprised with his entrance

Anyone who happened to have memorized the interview from Constant.gr to George Doni for the two houses he built would then remember that by personalizing the development of his players he would have replied that " Someone who is the most improved I would not say young, I would say Kolovetsio I had gone to him last year and a half ago and I know him. His consistency, his training, his mind. We stand a lot with the young, but we have to be fair. 39; s Most Sophisticated Players ".

The – only – 11 months from December 5, 2018, the day of publication, until November 10, 2019, when the 28-year-old incinerator stabbed the last knife in the already damaged AEK body without celebrating (because it was " the least I could do "after three seasons in the Union fit two different versions of the same player. From the one who had a crushed position at the beginning of eleven who played to the final for the previous season another 1

,720 minutes (17X90, 1X120 and 70 minutes of the derby with Olympiacos stopped), in 2 or 3 stops and must be updated during his 3 year contract. On the other hand, given his presence in preparation and in combination with (delayed) acquisition of Dutchman Bart Schenkfeld , he has battled less than 300, shortly after the shocking 4-0 clawing defeat of Mars last season, September – the day of the Great Crisis that gradually led to Nikos Dabiza's disappearance. [19659003] George Donis explained on Sunday that yes Colovetsios " is serious, he is a leader, he is trying hard [19][1945] to unfortunately" in this position The two play it. Puguras is in good shape, Bart is a personality and Dimitris is fighting for his time . "At the same time as the other two corresponding football players, the young Fani Mavrommatis and (last in the hierarchy) Portuguese Joao Nunes, who" clearly "pays for his inadequate image in the OFI match.

that fits him backwards, it is almost unlikely that he At least until successive derby games with PAOK in Toumpa and AEK in OAKA show its usefulness in an unstable Panatanian defense, while Donis (from the bench and the bouta respectively) has identified the need His presence against the champions added another size to the area that thwarted the aggression of Akkom-Sviderskis, a treaty that led the preliminary 2-1, while on Sunday he became the unexpected and fascinating hero of the club head with asshole.

By the 86th minute, he had replaced the faded Tassos Hatzigiovanni, who did not even have the power to reach the court's cent To greet him and greet him, Larissos lived the great Athenian derby as a bench backer who had little chance to play, especially as his half-time goal was 2-0 to his previous team. Despite being called by Maki's Angelina to get ready, he refused.

  Dimitris Kolovetsios (badly) confused with his entrance

" me? " with the characteristic movement voice to get the unexpected signal was his spontaneous reaction, having previously seen Dimitris Kolovos dressed in "work clothes "and prepare for a few minutes of engagement. He was even applauded for giving him strength. The two watched the match side by side during the first half, obviously struggling to continue a fight with several losses for Panathinaikos.

In Colovetsi's face you could see a blurred look that was never lost. He knew in advance that he would not return to his original form, trained in warming up with the alternatives, followed the regularity of those outside, he & # 39; did not cheat & # 39; Held in character, however, he was not drawn into endless celebration in either of the two goals that brought the "green" equalizer. Only on one missed occasion did he take off his jacket. When his time came, it was just as chilly. He was drawn stoically and on his first contact with the ball he sent him undisturbed over Barca and by extension in AEK's net. After Dioudis had resisted. He remained mobile and disappeared among his teammates. Everything in harmony with his (more general) attitude.

Matthias Gestranius' last whistle was combined with his deposition of teammates and managers. " baby toy " as Apostolakis told him, hug from Hatzigiovannis, "head lock" by Stamatis Garris (contact person), " what did you do ", Grigoris Papavassilious "how you cut them so "and Yiannis Bouzouki's lift in the changing rooms compiled the 4 + 3 minute photographic collage that the experienced pilot left on the pitch.

had left him indifferent to the third target, letting the others break in, inside or out as a field. He confirmed the character of a football player who does not neglect " that we play for Panathinaikos and you can not give up ."

Each of his reactions had already been recorded in Panathinaiko's PA video [19659].

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