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Coronaios: The four uncontrollable “bombs” that create dominoes of infections

The scientific authorities and the health authorities monitor the progress of urgent cases and the spread of the coronavirus.

An important headache for the scientific community is outbreaks of coronavirus, especially weddings, hospitals, parties and factories.

Yesterday was another difficult day when 124 cases of coronavirus were registered, where the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) pointed out that 1/3 of the cases are associated with identified outbreaks from previous days.

At the show Society Hour MEGA and Dino Siomopoulos and Georgina Malliarozi, Madina Matina Pagoni, President of EINAP and Vice President of OENGE, spoke about developments in the issue of coronavirus.

Regarding whether she is worried about the development of affairs in our country in recent days, Pagoni emphasized that “we have been worried for a long time, for months. We are trying to prepare to deal with the virus. Some thought that the coronavirus was gone. The coronavirus is We̵

7;re trying to study it and see what happens. We will not get a vaccine in 2020 and we’re trying to deal with it. In May the statistics were better, but lately we have the results from the previous two weeks, from the parties, for the meetings, The measures were taken for the masks, which must be taken, both indoors and outdoors, where it is overcrowded.

Sanitary … bombs

Marriages that have emerged in recent days act as health bombs, causing an “explosion” in coronavirus cases.

Dozens of cases that have arisen from the wedding party in Thessaloniki, Serres, Alexandroupolis and Larissa, because the guests and the newlyweds do not pay attention, defy the recommendations for simple and not many events and inadvertently contribute to the spread of koronai.

Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli claim the negative lead in outbreak transmission, as two marriages in these areas have been responsible for at least 87 coronavirus cases in the last ten days.

Of the 100 domestic cases, 22 were located in Attica and the same number were confirmed in Thessaloniki, which are distributed as follows: 4 refer to hospital mergers in the urology clinic at General Hospital. Gennimatas, 2 are linked to a case in A ‘DOY Thessaloniki, 1 is related to the wedding in Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki and another 6 report family contact with a confirmed case. The same wedding at Ampelokipi is linked to two cases in Rhodes, while it has “given” a total of 46 cases.

Another 18 positive cases of coronavirus were given yesterday at Alexandroupoli’s wedding, where the total number of cases was 41.

In the latter, 6 positive cases were registered, of which 1 were “stuck” from the Alexandroupolis wedding and 4 were associated with cases in the Stefanovikeio camp in Volos. Another 8 positive cases were detected in Kavala, related to outbreaks of cases in the meat industry, where 34 cases of coronavirus have been detected.

At the same time, a new cycle of coronavirus transmission has opened in the hospitals of NSS, referring to the period last March-April, when public health professionals were sick of dozens, but fortunately counted losses.

In addition, an alarm has been heard about the spread of coronavirus in Greece, especially among young people where cases are constantly increasing.

After all, the WHO (World Health Organization) also commented on the growing cases that young people should slow down their fun instincts to help prevent the possibility of new coronary heart disease.

Tired of lockdowns and the longing to enjoy the summer in the northern hemisphere, young people in some countries are contributing to the outbreak of the pandemic, as they are crowded with parties, barbecues and holidays.

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