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“We wear the mask as underwear” – The ingenious post by Elias Mosialos

Elias Mosialos tries in every way to explain the effectiveness of the mask in the protection against coronavirus and its correct use. Either by citing scientific evidence or by using a dose of humor. The second “category” includes an inventive post by the LSE professor and representative of Greece for the coronavirus in international organizations. Mosialos published a photo with …

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These are the “worst” countries in new cases and deaths

Continues to “scan” Corona virus in many countries of the world, with cases constantly increasing, causing concern and phobias of new quarantines and lockdowns. information the week before July 14, show how the American continent is still the focus of the virus right now, while there are also problems in the Balkans, in our neighboring countries that seemed to react …

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The White House removed the official portraits of Clinton and J. Bush

First entry: Saturday 18 July 2020, 05:17 The official portraits of Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush, displayed in the White House lobby, where Donald Trump could be seen daily, have been removed to be hung in an unused room at the presidential residence, CNN reported. According to the American television network, which quotes many witnesses, the portraits of Trump’s …

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Ruth Bender Ginsberg: The emblematic judge faces cancer again

The emblematic judge Ruth Binder Ginsberg, who is 87 years old and is the oldest member of the United States Supreme Court and has been linked to the fight for equality in America, announced that she is chemotherapy, because the cancer he suffered from reappears. In a statement from the court, Ginsberg stated that tomography during a regular checkup in …

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Austria rejects proposal for recovery fund

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz stated tonight that it rejects the current proposal, which is being discussed at EU leaders’ summit with the aim of recovering European economies from the recession caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. “Our most important, central request is that there should be no long-term debt association (…) but that what is decided here should remain …

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The shark took a ten-year-old child from a boat – Kosmos

Lucky in his accident was a ten-year-old boy, who survived an attack by a shark while on a boat. The incident occurred off the northwest coast of Tasmania in Australia, according to the Guardian. According to island authorities, “the boy was in a six-meter-long boat on a fishing trip about five kilometers from the shore with his father and two …

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