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British Alarm: Bomb Survey in Peterberk Prison People

Police authorities in the city of Peterborough in Britain were arrested following the threat of an explosive bombing in the prisons in the area Firemen and detonators were rushed to the site to carry out the necessary controls. The part of the prison that has been checked has been evacuated, while prisoners have been moved to other places and on …

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In Turkey, the Secretary General of NATO

Official visit to Turkey will be held on 15-16 April by the Secretary General Ges Stoltenberg, announced by the North Atlantic Alliance. While the development of the Syrian front is sharp, Stoltenberg will meet with its president country leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and is also expected to have meetings with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlott Tsavusoglu and Nurettin Tanikli, Minister of …

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Hezbollah: Israel's attack on Syria was a historical mistake – a world

Israel has committed a "historic mistake" by making an air strike on a military airfield in Syria on April 9, leading to a "direct conflict" with Iran, Hassan Nasralla, the leader of the Hizballah Shi ITE organization Israelis "must know that they have committed a historical mistake that they have been in direct conflict with Iran" when they met the …

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New Government Conversion – SW for Skopje POLITIK

A new political controversy between the government and the main resistance against the background of Skopje provoked yesterday's joint statements by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias with his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Dimitrov In his speech, the competent ND Head of State, George Koumoutsakos said, among other things, that " The Foreign Minister seems to accept, albeit indirectly, Skopje's claims that Greece …

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Germany: "Nein" in the Greek Government's development plan – economic news a day

The German "blockade" enters the development plan developed by the government and gave the author's first approval. Although the familiarity of Euclid Tsakalotou with his counterpart Olaf Salts was in a good climate, as confirmed by both sides, information from Berlin is unpleasant The Germans express much of their part of lenders and will determine the development from now on, …

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Contact Tsipra – Long with Aegean View Policy

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had shortly before Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had a telephone conversation with France's President Emmanuel Makron. According to the press office's announcement, "The two leaders discussed the strengthening of strategic cooperation between Greece and France in the fields of economy, energy and defense. They also discussed developments in Syria, Euro-Turkish relations, Cyprus problem and negotiations on …

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