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Juncker: There is still a Brexit risk without agreement GREECE

Brexit's risk remains unanswered to alleviate the shock, said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview published today and urged the UK Government to avail itself of the six-month ruling it has undertaken to complete divorce details Juncker- The interview is published in Funke Media Group newspapers a week after the decision of the EU leaders at the summit …

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Ελληνοκύπριος παραδέχτηκε το το το ςρηνα της και της 6χρονης κόρης της

Σύμφωνα με τα κυπριακά μέσα, ο 35χρονος σκότωσε την 38χρονη γυναίκα από τις Φιλιππίνες και στη συνέχεια μετέφερε τη σορό της στο φρεάτιο. Ο άνδρας ομολόγησε στην αστυνομία πως δολοφόνησε και την κόρη της άτυχης γυναίκας και υπέδειξε, σύμφωνα με το offsite.com.cy το μεταλλείο Μεμί στον Ξυλιάτο . Η περιοχή φρουρείται από άνδρες της αστυνομίας και οι έρευνες θα αρχίσουν …

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Refugee camp in the Constitution – Guarding for ELAS "duo" in Exarchia | GREECE

With a … tent at Syntagma Square, opposite the Parliament, "refugees and immigrants" responded to ELAS after whose operation in Exarchia they were homeless. Refugees and immigrants, descended from Iraq and Afghanistan, recently lived in the occupation of a building that was evacuated in Exarcheia following the major activities of EL.AS. Refugees with scenes on Syntagma -Photo: Intimenews / STEFANOU …

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"Hybrid War" and the role of SMEs in Greek-Turkish relations

The "hybrid war" has begun to become a protagonist in studies, conferences, thousands of articles in the media and almost every day officials of many of their countries are called upon to describe a new situation in international relations as the core of the new type of security threats [19659002] Cyber ​​attacks, construction of news to destabilize a state or …

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