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I shot him but I didn't want to kill him

16/01/19 • 16:10 | Newsroom eleftherostypos.gr The trial of the murder of Zafiropoulos began with three defendants present, when the fourth was murdered on Monday In a heavily laden climate, by many friends and colleagues of criminal investigator Michael Zafeiropoulos, the trial began with the assassination of a prominent lawyer in October 2017 before the ECJ, which on Monday received …

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:Ολοφόνος Ζαφειρόπουλου: Ήθελα να τον εκφοβίσω, ι να τον σκοτώσω

Με σκοπό να τον εκφοβίσει και όχι να τον δολοφονήσει πυροβόλησε ο δράστης της δολοφονίας του Μιχάλη Ζαφειρόπουλου, όπως υποστήριξε ο ίδιος στο εδώλιο του κατηγορουμένου. Ο Μικέλ Κάστριοτ κατηγορούμενος ως φυσικός αυτουργός στη δολοφονία του ποινικολόγου Μιχάλη Ζαφειρόπουλου είναι αυτός που κατακρεούργησε τον συγκατηγορούμενό του Άλμπερτ Μπακο προχθές στον Κορυδαλλό, υποστηρίζοντας ότι τον πίεζε. Παρόντες στην δίκη, η οποία …

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Closed schools in Crete due to snow [εικόνες]

16/01/19 • 08:35 | UPD 16/01/19 • 08:35 Newsroom eleftherostypos.gr At the same time, schools for primary and secondary education will be closed, as will the municipal day homes in the municipality of Minoa Pediados. In "white" several areas were used in Heraklion, Crete As cretapost.gr said last night in the national and especially Gazi, traffic was impossible, which meant …

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Stops traffic in Parnitha and Pendeli due to snow

Traffic on Parnitha Avenue and Penteli-Nea Makri ring road due to snowfall was determined by the traffic police It is snowing in the northeast suburbs and according to the police, traffic on Parnitha Avenue was interrupted, from the cableway's height to stream to casinos and to the ring road Penteli – Nea Makri, from St. Peter to Penteli Military Hospital …

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He was killed by a 60-year-old worker at the AEK stadium

New evidence will appear about the tragedy at the construction site of the AEK stadium under construction at New Philadelphia when a 60-year-old worker fell off standings In the beginning, it had been spoken by an accident at work but according to all indications, it is a suicide. Journalists said that the 60-year-old worker, a father of two children, was …

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Progressive detention – Winds up to 9 beauforts

The vessels in the port of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion are bound, while the remaining winds are in force The strong winds blowing in the Aegean sea also reach the 9 beauforterna. Those who plan to travel today are good to communicate with local port authorities and tourist agencies to get information about possible layoffs ! – -> Source link

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